Posted by: Author | August 13, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

2013-02-02 14.31.23


  1. I’m putting this in a folder;it wants to inspire me but I have too much in my head right now.

    • Thanks!

  2. Gorgeous!

    • Isn’t it? St. Augustine

  3. Makes me want to open it and go in.

    • Awesome, Lavada. I have a short story called THE THIRTEENTH GATE that I plan to self-pub close to Christmas and I want to use this on the cover

  4. Coming back to this. You know, gates are very evocative. As soon as I saw your picture, it reminded me of Tricia Jones Bull At The Gate. I like gates. And apparently, I remember stories with gates on the cover. 🙂

    • You’re right Laurie. The gate did bring back memories of Tricia’s story.

    • That’s awesome. I need to read Tricia’s story. I love gates too. As well as doors.


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