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Tuesday Tales- September 15, 2014- Curly

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is curly. I’m still working on the rock star story and it’s very slow. I’m about ready to toss it out. LOL

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As she slammed the locker door shut and spun the lock, her co-worker, Natalie, smiled. “Want to go grab a drink?”

“Sure. I know the perfect place.”

The look on Natalie’s face almost made Kat crack up. She’d always turned the woman down before for a drink so she knew she had to have shocked Natalie.

“Sounds good.” Natalie took her own handbag from her locker and followed Kat out of the building.

Once they were on the steps, Kat pointed to her car. “I think we should each drive in case one of us wants to head home sooner than the other.”

Natalie lit a cigarette and as the curly smoke wafted over her head, Kat was even more grateful she’d suggested the separate cars since she wasn’t a fan of smoking and didn’t allow it in her auto.

“That’s a good idea. Sorry about the cigarette but I was dying to get a puff.” Natalie took a long drag on the thing before adding, “I want to quit and have tried but I can’t do it. It’s a horrible habit but I can’t seem to kick it.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t even know you were a smoker. I never smell it on you.” Kat was regretting saying yes to the drink but she couldn’t get out of it now without seeming to be rude. “Do you know where Amos’ Place is?”

“Yeah. I’ve seen it. Never been there.”

“He’s a friend of mine. Let’s have that drink there.” Kat moved toward her car. “I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.”

“Sounds great.” Natalie walked to her own car.

Once Kat was buckled in, she turned the key in the ignition and put the car in drive, hoping to see Paul at the bar. She forced herself not to drive over the speed limit. It was a strange sensation to want to see a man again especially since that horrific anniversary had just passed. Maybe it was time to move ahead and put the past behind her.


  1. Did you leave a gap again :-D…. Loved the way you used the prompt … And lets hope Paul will be there.

    • Just a few paragraphs of a gap this time, Iris. In the interest of keeping the post short. Lol


  2. Oh, I’m sensing some hope here. Yay! So glad you’re still with this story. Look forward to more.

    • Thanks Sarah. I hope I can keep it going. I can’t seem to get a groove back

  3. Great use of the prompt!

    • Thanks Vicki

  4. Great imagery. I could clearly see them standing on the steps. I like it that she’s going for a drink with someone different from her and hope Paul shows up at the bar.

    • Thanks Flossie. I’m glad you liked it. Now I have to somehow work in that picture for next week. LOL

  5. Uh oh, the past has been intruding. I’m glad she’s going to get together with Paul. She is, isn’t she? Groan. I hope so!!

    • LOL Jean. I hope she is, too. I guess we’re going to find out together. LOL

  6. Love your descriptions. Looking forward to more.

    • thanks Sherry

  7. Clever use of curly.

    • Thanks Morgan

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