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Tuesday Tales- September 30, 2014- Pretty

This week’s word is Pretty and when I was working on writing to this prompt, I realized that I have actually overused the word pretty in this manuscript. Pretty sure I didn’t want to do that, I did a search and destroy (which wasn’t pretty) and got rid of a bunch of them- so, here’s one that survived. See how easy it is to add pretty to anything? Pretty awesome, huh? LOL! Check out the other Tales this week as well here. 

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“Thank you,” Natalie said as she crushed the note to her chest. She took a deep swig of her wine and tossed some money on the table. “I’ve got to go. I’ll see you at work tomorrow, Kat. Please pay my bill.” Natalie stood. “It was nice to meet you, Mr. Baker.”

“What about me?” David asked.

“Not so much, sir, since you had to be forced to talk to me.” With those words, Natalie sailed out of the bar.

Kat wanted to laugh out loud at Natalie’s words and exit. She did nail that on the head for sure. Putting David in his place was a welcome sight.

Sadly, it didn’t work. “Your friend is rude, Kat my dear. I can hardly fathom that she’s someone you would want to hang out with.”

Even though she really wouldn’t want to be closer friends with Natalie, the mere fact that David would presume to tell her who to hang out with was maddening. “I can’t believe you. Who are you to judge my friends?”

“I’ve told you who I want to be. If you’d give me a chance, we could be a couple and you’d be happier than you’ve ever been before.”

“I’ve told you I’m not interested,” Kat said. “Now leave me alone about it.”

David reached over and placed his hand on top of hers where it sat on the table. She jerked back but he tightened his grip.

“I say, old chap, the lady says she’s not interested. Let her loose,” Paul said.

“Mind your own business, mate.” David spoke in a false British accent with a hard emphasis on the word mate.

“I suggest you remove your hand from her person unless you want me to have you tossed out of here.”

“Oh, big brave rock star is going to throw me out? What about the possible damage to your fingers? How will you play your instruments with a broken hand?” David did move his hand then. He made a fist.

“Stop it. This is ridiculous. No one is going to get in a fight here.” Kat wanted nothing more than for David to leave but she wasn’t going to sit by while the two of them pulled out their macho personas.

“I’m not leaving so I suggest you get the Brit to go.” David practically snarled the words.

“I’m pretty hacked off right now, mister and I’m not going anywhere either. You treat this lady as if she’s property and I won’t stand for it.”

“Cut it out, both of you. I’m my own woman and I don’t need anyone to defend me.” This was awful. She had to get out of here. Kat stood and shoved her chair back. So much for having a drink and hoping to meet Paul to get to know him better.


  1. Ooh, their testosterone is up, isn’t it? Great job with the dialogue! I hope she’s able to get to know Paul better. He seems like a caring person.

    • LOL Flossie. Yep, it’s a testosterone-fest there in Amos’ bar. They were def. all about being macho. LOL

  2. Ugh, men and their stupid pissing contests!! Poor thing. I hope she is able to get some time with Paul and get to know him better without that asshat anywhere nearby.

    • Lol Sarah. They were def in a pissing contest, yeah?


  3. Men. Sheesh. Let`s hope she can get to know Paul without that jerk pickle around.

    • LOL Vicki- I love jerk pickle. That’s so cute.

  4. Hahaha! I had to stop laughing from your intro paragraph before I could settle in and read the story. Six pretty’s in five sentences!?! Well done!!
    And, nice snippet too.

    • Thanks Tricia. I was doing my best to illustrate how many prettys I had in the manuscript. It always have a different crutch word with each story and was shocked to find pretty was it this time. Lol. Glad you appreciated it. Lol.


  5. Love the confrontation and the use of the word prompt. Great story. Is she going to leave? Probably not.

    • Thanks Jean. This story keeps surprising me, so I have no clue what she’ll do. Lol


  6. You portray the characters so well in this scene, I was so bristling at David’s attitude. I hope Paul sticks around and David gets his come-uppance.

    • Thanks for the lovely compliment, Sherry. I appreciate it. AND yep, things are in store for David. For sure.

  7. Great job portraying men and their posturing! Made me really dislike David.

    • Thanks Morgan. I’ve been around a lot of posturing men for sure in the day job. LOL

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