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Tuesday Tales- October 7, 2014- Short

This week’s word prompt is short. I had to work hard for some reason, to get this one in. The hero in this story is all about the banter. I guess I learned something about him as I wrote this week- he hides behind silliness. I wonder how that’s going to play into the rest of this story.

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“Man, you really are literal, aren’t you?”

“Better watch out then. That could bite you in the bum someday if you say the wrong thing.”

Shaking her head, Kat looked heavenward. “Lord, give me strength.”

“Uh-oh, it’s always bad when they start praying.”

“Sounds like you have a lot of experience with women having to search for divine intervention.”

A cloud passed across Paul’s countenance at her comment but quickly passed as he smiled at her. “Not nearly as many as the tabloids would have you believe.”

“I never read those.” Kat waved her hand in the air dismissively.

“Good to know. Maybe you aren’t too prejudiced against me then.”

“I’m not prejudiced at all.”

“Sure you are.”

She gaped at him. At a loss for words.

“Remember your curry comment? That was prejudice straight out, lady.” Paul winked.

“Do you always talk in circles?”

“No, I’m always literal, remember?”

“I can’t keep up.” Kat refilled his teacup then her own.

“Speaking of keeping up, would you like to take a stroll down by the lake this evening?”

“I would love to but it’ll have to be a short one since I have to be at work early tomorrow to finish a test.”

“You left in the middle of a test? What would the teacher say?” Paul stood and pulled out his wallet.

“Wait. No. You’re not paying for this.”

“Why not? I ate more than half of it. And besides, I know the owner. She gives me a discount.”

“I came here and ordered. Paying my own way is very important to me.” Kat opened her purse.

“Far be it from me to take that from you then.”


  1. Let him pay, honey — he can afford it! Love the interplay between these two. She’s resisting him, but I have a feeling he’s going to wear her down.

    • Thanks Jean. Part of her growth is to let someone else do something for her. Lol. And yep, he can afford it.


  2. Love it! The dialogue is fresh and crisp. I especially like the reference to divine intervention.

    • Thanks Flossie! This guy is all about the banter. LOL

  3. An interesting snippet. It seems as though they are tiptoing round each other still.

    • They’re the most frustrating tip toers I’ve ever written, Sherry. Lol


  4. Oh she is a stubborn one for sure. Still so very guarded.

    • For sure, Sarah. She’s a hard nut to crack.


  5. Great banter between the two. I felt like I were standing there overhearing their conversation.
    Good way to work in the prompt too!

    • thanks Trisha. These are the banteringist people I’ve ever written. LOL! Glad it sounded good.

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