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Friday Facts – October 24, 2014- This Day in History

EDITED TO ADD: I have no clue why the margins are wonky. I can’t fix it. sorry.

Today is my day over at the Romance Magicians blog (the blog for the Birmingham, Ala chapter of RWA) and I am copying and pasting that here since it was all about the facts, ma’am.

Today is October 24 and I thought I’d share some things that happened on this date in history:

1901 – the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel is Annie Taylor.

1911 – Orville Wright stays aloft in his gilder for 9 minutes.

1926 – Harry Houdini’s last performance- takes place in Detroit.

1929 – “Black Thursday” stock market crash.

1931 – The George Washington Bridge in NYC opens.

1945 – founding of the United Nations and in 1949- the cornerstone of the building was laid.

1992 – the Toronto Blue Jays- the first non-USA team to win- wins the World Series.

2003 – The Concorde makes its last flight.

2005 – Hurricane Wilma makes landfall in Florida killing 61 and doing billions in damage.

1957 – My husband was born and shares his birthday with some holidays such as United Nations Day, Suez Day and World Polio Day.

I love October for a lot of reasons. It’s finally cool and most of the time, we have less humidity. The leaves turning colors is amazing and ice cold apple cider is one of my favorite seasonal drinks. Halloween is coming and don’t we all adore that time of year? Such fun to dress up and pretend you’re someone else. I love this sign in my hometown. It cracks me up.

Whether you’re celebrating a family member’s birthday, trick or treating, gearing up for NaNoWriMo or just lazing around drinking cider and watching leaves fall, I hope you’re enjoying your October.1721


  1. Happy birthday to your (first) husband! What a busy date this is, huh?
    October is my favorite month…I wish autumnal weather lasted most of the year.

    • I love fall, too!

  2. What happened today used to be one of my favorite newspaper columns. I don’t get the paper anymore so enjoyed todays facts.

    • Thanks Lavada. I look them up on the internet because our paper doesn’t print them anymore

  3. Happy birthday to hubs! So…I was surprised at the leaves changing color and cold apple cider comment. I tend to think of all of Florida as temperate but you get some seasonal changes, right?

    • Well, we have a very few trees that do change colors and it’s usually the very end of oct or first of nov. I buy the cider imported. Lol. I grew up in virginia and loved that fresh coder there so it’s not quite the same as straight from the orchard what I can get here but it’ll do. Lol. We actually have seasons – short but we have them. In fact, it was 42 last night. I live 8 miles from Alabama so we get much different weather than south Fla.

      I’ll pass on your good wishes to hubs.


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