Posted by: Author | October 31, 2014

Friday Facts- October 31, 2014- HALLOWEEN!

I’m not going to bore you with some Halloween fact. I’m going to share some links to some cool you tube stuff.

first: One of my fav songs: The Season of the Witch by Donovan.

Another fav song from when I was a kid: Haunted House by Jumpin’ Gene Simmons

Who doesn’t love a Purple People Eater?

And a Skeleton Dance?

Or a Silly Symphony Dance?

Then there is this iconic song.

And for you all who like em scary- there’s this song

I hope you enjoy this little flavor of the holiday and don’t let any haints run you off!!


  1. Wow quite the eclectic choice you’ve concocted for our view pleasure. Happy Halloween.

    • I realized I left out Monster Mash. Boo on me. Lol


  2. Such fun! Happy Halloween!

    • Happy Halloween!


  3. Uh uh. Not looking at that last song. Nosiree. I’m too impressionable. Lol. Hope you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

    • Hahaha Laurie. It’s just Tubular Bells from the exorcist with No graphic stuff. Lol


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