Posted by: Author | November 20, 2014

Lavada Dee and Bahamas Christmas!

My friend Lavada Dee has a new Christmas story out and I wanted to invite her over to chat a little about her story as well as her own Christmas/cruise stories. What a cute cover, too. Welcome, Lavada. ea9d5c666855ed1d83078a492e334aafc79c32ed

  1. What made you decide to use the Bahamas as the setting for your story?

It was the first cruise my husband and I took. We found we loved cruising and went on to enjoy many more. I have a framed picture of us on the beach in St. Thomas. I pass it numerous times a day and it still has the power to make me smile. So the setting for this story was a natural.

  1. Your characters are on a cruise ship. What’s the best cruise you’ve ever been on?

While we loved the Bahamas, my favorite was a three-week grand tour that started in Dover and went as far North as St. Petersburg. It was the last booking for the year and I loved the shopping.

Wow, that Dover to St. Petersburg trip sounds amazing. I’m envious of that one. 

What’s your favorite cruise activity?

Does eating count? Oh my gosh the food was terrific.

Now, same question for your characters- what’s their favorite thing to do on a cruise?

The relaxing, laid back deck lounging. Maddie and Dane only have eyes for each other so the Ports of Call and cruise activities pale compared to just being with each other.

  1. Since your characters are spending Christmas in a warm climate, what do they do to make it “feel” like the holiday, if anything?

The ship took care of that. It is decked out with all things Christmas.

  1. How does your hero like his coffee?

Strong, hot, and black.

  1. What’s your heroine’s best holiday memory? Yours?

Maddie’s best and forever holiday memory will be the one that ends this story. You’ll need to read it to get the answer. It’s a memory that will live forever.

My best memory is harder. Every year I feel it’s the best one yet. Family Christmas’s all blend into one happy, love filled time so just Christmas holds a memory with many facets. And, I add another each year. But to be specific one of the best times is seeing the little ones open their presents. We take it slow so savor each present for the love it portrays. There is a lot in the saying that it is better to give then receive and it’s especially true at Christmas.



  1. I love this story! And I can’t imagine a Christmas where one gift at a time is opened. We toss all the kids in the center with their presents and let them go for it. It’s wonderful chaos. 🙂 But it’s also over in 10 minutes, instead of an hour. The adults do go quite a bit slower and one at a time. 🙂 Now I’m yearning for Christmas, which is good considering all the STORES are DECORATED already. geesh.

    • I got my copy but haven’t had a chance to read it yet since I am obsessing over finishing my NaNo story- BUT we do that unwrap one at a time too as well. Makes it last longer and the wild children actually know who gave them what. LOL

  2. Jillian thank you for having me. I love your questions it was a fun interview for me. I enjoyed writing this story. A cruise and Christmas, it wasn’t hard to write a happy every after ending.

    • Glad to have you. Glad you liked the questions. I hope to read this soon! I have it on my kindle all ready to go.

  3. Loved this story and reading the blog! A Christmas cruise sounds like fun. Maybe one day?

    • Sounds like a fun time, for sure, Tricia!

    • You’ll love cruising Tricia. Thank you for the nice comment.

  4. Lavada, the book sounds wonderful and I love the fact you incorporated your joy in cruising (which Tom and I share). Hugs and best wishes on lots of well deserved sales!

    • thanks for coming by, Lucy- Jillian

    • Thanks bunches Lucy.

  5. Lavada, a Bahama’s Christmas story is exactly what I need right now with this icky cold weather! Sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂

    • I hope you enjoy it Chantilly. It’s a fast read.

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