Posted by: Author | December 7, 2014

An Awesome Review – ALL I Want For Christmas

Last year, Secret Cravings Publishing released my story called All I Want For Christmas is a One Night Stand. I love that quirky little story and since tis the season again, I went over to Amazon to get the link to promote it again. I found this treasure of a review that made me happy all over and wanted to share it. BUY LINKabstract Christmas background with decoration and silhouette of city

“Jillian Chantal’s story, All I Want For Christmas, may be short, but it’s packed with pace, pathos, passion, plus a quirky sense of humour. And, of course, some seriously hot characters.

In the first sentence Ms. Chantal reveals her heroine, Anna’s take on Christmas. She hates it, and expects to go on hating it for ever more. But strange things happen in the run-up to the holiday. And Anna, completely out of character, makes a comment in response to a half-hearted dare that shocks her and has her two best friends taking her up on it.

And in the next chapter we meet the author’s hero, Matteo Sanchez. Who knew that lawyers could look so good? And Ms. Chantal’s hero is quick witted, he needs to be as a prosecutor, under pressure from his Mama to bring a girl home for Christmas. Sitting at the table next to Anna and her friends he hears her throw-away comment, hopes she acts on it, and when she doesn’t, decides not to miss the opportunity.

Ms. Chantal create vibrant settings, believable backchat and ribbing between the friends, and had this reader enjoying the escalation of passion between Anna and Matteo. It is fast, furious, and creates a fabulous twist near the end of the story that had this reader laughing in amusement and appreciation.

This reader has had the pleasure of following Ms. Chantal’s writing and enjoys the smooth fluency of it, the way she creates a scene and just when you wonder what she’s up to, she takes you down a totally unexpected and fun path.

Her characters are totally believable, and in a short story it is not easy to present fully formed and deep characters, but Ms. Chantal’s characters are a delight. Her secondary players annoy and tease in equal measure and fulfil their role in moving the story forward with expertise.

Yes, unquestionable, this is a Christmas story, but don’t let that put you off reading it at any time of the year.

At 49 pages this sensual romance is a one-sitting read that will keep you turning the pages until you discover just how Anna and Matteo clear a path through all their problems, and the hoops Ms. Chantal put them through.”


  1. Congrats on this review. A great early Christmas present. You do nail these short stories and they aren’t easy.

    • Thanks Lavada. What a nice compliment. I love short since I can have it all in my head at once. And I had ADD as a kid so moving on to other stories helps me. Lol


  2. Ahh, what a great, and well deserved review, Jillian. Congrats!

    • Thanks Laurie. It was very complimentary, wasn’t it?

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