Posted by: Author | December 15, 2014

Tuesday Tales- December 16, 2014- Dance

This week’s word is dance and I’ve now finished the Valentine’s Day story I’ve been working on but thought I’d share one more week’s words on it with the TT gang. I wish we’d had this word in the early part of me working on this story since a lot of it takes place at a dance itself. BUT, clever cuss that I am, I was able to work the word in later in the story as the hero and heroine take a swim at the local ski resort’s indoor pool. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE OTHERS HERE.

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Mattie patted the space next to her and almost before she knew it, Kevin was out of the water and seated next to her.

“Yes.” She nodded. “I took some time to think about things myself last night and realized that even though I have a nice career in the city and a lovely condo to live in, I’m not really living. I’m existing but it’s not really what you’d call a life.”

“So what exactly are you saying?” Kevin took her hand and entwined his fingers in hers.

“I could dance all around it but I won’t be coy. I’m saying I’m ready to stay here for a while—”she held her hand up—“let me finish.”

He smiled but stayed quiet, urging her on with a look in his eyes she recognized as hope.

“I’m not going to rush right out and put my condo on the market, you understand but I’m going to explore the possibilities with my boss about working from here since most of my work is done on the computer. If—and I mean that as a definite if—this works out, then I’ll consider selling my place and making it permanent.”


  1. I was kind of expecting a funny bikini scene today … Lol … I like the way you’ve used the prompt.

    • Thanks Iris. Have to leave something out so it’ll sell. Lol.


  2. Great use of the prompt!

    • Thanks Vicki.

  3. Good take on dance. I like the way the relationship has progressed and how she’s warming up to staying. Beautiful job.

    • Thanks Flossie. I appreciate the compliment.

  4. Wonderfully different use of the prompt. *Dances around* they’re going to be moving in together very soon!! YAY! Love these two.

    • Thanks Jean. I’m glad you like them. I do too. Lol


  5. Oh, I like this…I like the interplay between them and her bracing attempts at logic.

    • Thanks Sarah.


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