Posted by: Author | December 24, 2014

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Hobbes doesn’t looked thrilled with the hat. Merry Christmas

    • He was not best pleased, Lavada. At all. Lol. Merry Christmas to you as well.


  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family,Santa Hobbs!

    • That’s elf Hobbes, lol. Merry Christmas, Tonette.


      • Oh,I guess I gave him a promotion!

      • Yep. Lol.


  3. Hey, Hobbes. Dude here. My owner put a (%*^$&^$ picture of me up, too. You know, on that other blog they like to chat on? Do they really think we LIKE this? Hmph! Christmas? Bah humbug!

    • Man, I know what you mean, Dude. They are something else. I’ll have to check yours out.


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