Posted by: Author | January 2, 2015

Friday Facts- January 2, 2015- Winston Churchill

winnieOne of my favorite historical figures of the 20th century was Winston Churchill. He was an amazing man who was full of brilliance. I would have loved to meet him. He lived to the awesome age of 90 (died Jan. 1965) and was even alive when I was a little kiddo. It’s really mind-blowing what all he saw in his lifetime. Think about the folks born in 1874 like him who lived as long as he did- the things that changed in life in those 90 years are really unreal. We went from horse travel to automobiles and man, did those autos change.

We also went from rutted, hewn out roads to paved interstates. Breaking the sound barrier and flying solo across the Atlantic Ocean happened during the man’s life as well. He lived during the reign of two queens and four kings. That’s a big wow, yeah? He was brave and tenacious and helped keep Europe out of the Nazi’s hands but he was also a pet lover. He had two special poodles in his life- Rufus and Rufus II (about whom he said the II was silent- LOL). This story about him and Rufus II is so sweet:

According to University Archives, “Rufus II sat on Churchill’s lap one evening as they watched “Oliver Twist.” At the point in the film when Bill Sikes was about to drown his dog, Churchill covered the poodle’s eyes and said, “Don’t look now, dear. I’ll tell you about it afterwards.””
A great man with a grand heart! On January 24, 2015, it will be 50 years since the man died. You heard it here first. Get your champagne ready to toast the man on the 50th anniversary of his death.

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