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Tuesday Tales- Picture Prompt- February 10, 2015



This week we have the February picture prompt. Isn’t it lovely?  Check out the other stories here. 
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Out of the car, they strolled to the restaurant and went inside. Lanett looked around in awe at the place. It was so romantic and dark. A perfect place for a tryst. Not that she was there for that purpose. No, not at all. She could tell the heat rose to her face and counted herself lucky that the lighting was so dim there was no way Ian could tell what she was thinking.

Or maybe he could. He reached out at that moment and took her hand. The gesture and the warmth of his touch made her tingle all over.

The hostess came over to seat them and led them to a corner near the back wall. Once they were settled with their coats removed, Ian opened his menu but Lanett ignored hers and leaned forward. “Did you request this table back here when you brought your father?”

“No. I didn’t request it tonight either. Why?” He peered at her over the top of the menu.

“Never mind then.” Her face was hot again.

“No, what?”

“I was thinking it was romantic and a great place to bring a date and then I wanted to laugh because you’d brought your dad here.”

“Only because it’s his kind of restaurant. No other reason—in fact, I had no idea it was so cave-like when I made the reservations with papa.”

“But you knew it when you called to bring me here?”

“Of course, but I was thinking about the food not the atmosphere.”

“Oh. I see.” Lanett ducked her head so he wouldn’t see the tears form in her eyes. Here she was thinking he wanted to date her and really all he cared about was his stomach.


  1. Aww, I hope it’s all just a misunderstanding. Great snippet.

    • Thanks Iris.


  2. But they say the way to a man’s heart, right?? Maybe he didn’t want to admit his feelings of romance for her. I hope she’s wrong.

    • Oh, she’s totally wrong. Lol. He’s sending very mixed messages.


  3. Phew. I’m glad to see that she`s wrong. I was worried there for a bit.

    • LOL Vicky. It IS a romance. LOL

  4. something tells me he’s not as disinterested as he seems…

    • You’re very wise, Kay. *smiles*

  5. I hope he was really thinking of her instead. Lovely atmosphere.

    • Thanks Flossie. I think he was. Lol


  6. Very nice description of the setting.

    • Thanks Jeanine


  7. Tough scene for Lannett, not knowing what’s going on in her date’s mind.

    • For sure, Morgan.

  8. Awwwww –
    Great snippet for this picture! Loved it.

    • Thanks Trisha.


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