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Tuesday Tales- February 17, 2015- Great

This week’s word is great. What a great word. I’ve used it several times already in this story but I chose a snippet that’s just a bit after last week’s snippet.  Check out the other tales here.

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“So your mother was involved with Simon’s father while still married to your father?”

“It seems so.” Ian shrugged. “I think it was actually a simultaneous thing. She’d decided she had enough and then met the rugby player shortly thereafter. If you ever meet my parents, you’ll see rather quickly that they were never going to make a go of it. They’re massively incompatible.”

“If they’re that bad, it’s a wonder they were together long enough to actually get married and have a child.”

“The power of lust is all I can attribute it to. Sometimes the magnetism is so strong that the people in it are blinded to the truth until they wake one day to the dimming of lights.”

“Spoken like someone who has known that kind of power.” Lanett took a sip of her wine, wondering if her attraction to the man across from her was possibly that kind of thing at a core level.

“Sadly, yes. I have and I got burned. Bad.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Lanett was disappointed as well but it did explain why Ian might be leery of getting involved with another woman.

“It was a long time ago.”

The waiter arrived at the table trailed by two servers who placed their food in front of them at the same time in a practiced move.

Searching her brain desperately for some other topic to discuss besides old love lives, Lanett took at bite of her dinner. When she was able to swallow the cheesy concoction, she said, “Wow. You weren’t lying. This food is great.

“I’m glad you approve. I’m a bit of a foodie myself and love to try new dishes. I hope you’ll consider accompanying me to a few other places I want to try.”

“That sounds like fun. I’d be up for it.”

“Brilliant. We can put our heads together and prepare a list of where we want to go.”

Lanett took another bite of her meal and wondered how in the heck they got on this topic. Ian was sounding a little bit unstable about this food thing. Was he really such an oddball or was he nervous and saying whatever came into his head? She hoped it was the latter, otherwise she was in for a long night.


  1. Great dialog! (no pun intended) You make it seem so natural and realistic. Also, she gets to go with him to try out different dishes? Can’t beat that!

    • Lol. Thanks Flossie and the pun was cute, intentional or not. Lol.


  2. Looove his explanation of the power of lust. Another great post this week.

    • Thanks Iris! I appreciate the kind words.


  3. Such wonderful dialog! Great post.

    • thanks Vicki. I love to write dialog. It’s my fav part. I have to be sure they aren’t just talking heads though. LOL

  4. I love the dialogue, too. And I think the foodie thing is his subtle way of getting her to agree to go out with him again. Love it!

    • Thanks Jean. AND I think you may be right about the food.

  5. Great! As usual, I feel like I’m right there eavesdropping on their conversation. I can’t wait to read more.

    • Thanks Trisha.


  6. Making up a list of restaurants to visit sounds like fun to me. So much better than discussing failed love affairs.

    • Amen to that Morgan. lol

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