Posted by: Author | February 27, 2015

Friday Facts- February 27, 2015- Roger Nelson

I have been super busy and remiss in posting any Friday Facts so today, I decided to post a little bit of a multiple choice question for you all to answer.

Roger Nelson is the real name of someone we have all heard of and I wonder how many of you know who that may be. No, it’s not a combination of two characters on I Dream of Jeannie (Major Anthony Nelson and Major Roger Healey) so if that was going to be your guess, BONG! WRONG!

Here are some choices:

1. Captain Kangaroo

2. The guy who draws the comic strip, Hagar the Horrible

3. Mr. Magoo

4. Prince

5. Elvis Presley

6. Humphrey Bogart

7. Herman Munster

8. Mohammad Ali

9. Elton John

10. Eddie Murphy

So, what’s your guess?


  1. I don’t remember the “Roger”, but I think I remember Prince’s mother being Mrs. Nelson…and not Harriet, for sure!

    • Lol Tonette

  2. Are we allowed to google? lol That’s the only way I’d even come up with an answer.

    • Sure. Google away. This is all about education! LOL

  3. I’m with Trish. Can we google?

    • Absolutely, Lavada. FF days are all about learning.

  4. Well, it’s not Bob (?) Keeshan, who was Captain Kangaroo. So I’ll have to google it.
    Just back from the Google. Interesting. I had no idea that was public knowledge.

    • Weird, huh? That it’s out there like that.

  5. Yep googled it so now I know. Don’t want to post a spoiler though

    • Thanks Lavada! J

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