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Tuesday Tales- March 10, 2015- Stairs

The Tuesday Tales word of the week this week is stairs. I had a couple of uses of this word but chose to use one closest to last week’s post to keep myself from jumping too far ahead since that tends to get someone I love a little confused (LOL). Be sure to check out the other tales here. 

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Choosing her wardrobe proved problematic. She hadn’t seen a weather forecast but knew the night would be colder than the day. Turning on the television, she stood in front of the screen and watched the weatherman for a few moments.

Snow was predicted for north of the city but only freezing weather for Manhattan. “There goes showing off my sexy red toenails,” Lanett said to the meteorologist. She pulled a pair of thick black leggings from her top drawer as well as a pair of knee socks to hide under her over the knee boots. No sense in freezing to death on the way to the bar. She’d worry about being overheated inside when she got there. It wouldn’t be the first time she had to shed garments in a building.

Disgusted with the fact that she couldn’t wear one of the new spring dresses she bought at Macy’s the week before, Lanett pulled on one of her sweater dresses. She chose the black and grey striped one that she adored but was a wee bit tired of since the season seemed to be dragging on.

Once she was ready, Lanett made a face at herself in the mirror. “Let’s hope the doctor doesn’t mind a lady dressed in black.” She laughed. “If I was a man, I would be Johnny Cash.”

Realizing she was being lame, she stuck her tongue out at her reflection. “Please don’t say anything that stupid at the bar. Please.”

Grabbing her coat on the way out, Lanett dashed to the subway station and down the stairs, shocked at how much colder it had gotten since she was out earlier in the day.

Arriving at the bar, Lanett opened the door and the gush of warm air smacking her in the face was almost painful. Her face burned at the sudden change in temperature. Shaking her hair out after removing her hat, she said to Simon, who had arrived at her side, “It’s brutal out there. What happened to spring?”

“She called and said she wasn’t ready to come off her Caribbean vacation yet.”

“If she doesn’t get her soon, I’m going to have to join her down there. Too bad I have a massive project due at work next week or I’d set off on a search and rescue mission and drag her back by the hair.”

“You’d be doing us all a favor, love. I sell more beer in the warm months than I do now. I need the boost in revenues.”

“Is Ian here yet?” Lanett glanced around.


  1. Oh, I remember the days at the end of winter when I was sick of all the clothes I had. Well captured. And I love their chit chat re the weather, got a little chuckle out of me as I sit here thinking spring’s holidaying with summer at this end of the world ;-)… nicely done … and yes, I do appreciate the “lack of a gap” 😀

    • Amen on the tired of the winter clothes! And you’ll be wintering as soon as our summer shows up, Iris. Brr.

  2. Great post. I loved her dialog with herself as she got ready!

    • Thanks Vicki. I talk to myself like that too. LOL

  3. Love the way you wound the restrictions of the weather into her choice of clothes for her date. You built tension and anticipation. Now I can hardly wait for next week’s installment.

    • Thanks Jean. I like it when you compliment my work! *smiles*


  4. Love the description of the clothes and how tedious the winter ones are. I think we are all feeling that way now. 🙂

    • Amen, joselyn. I must’ve been channelling all of us. Lol


  5. I’m with the others. I’m so done with winter, as is the heroine. I loved how she spoke back to the meteorologist & stuck her tongue out at him!

    • Thanks Trisha. I’m tired too and I love in NW Fla. Lol. And how many of us would love the stick our tongues out at the weathermen? Lol.


  6. I too want to show off my sexy red toenails – great writing

    • Thanks Kathleen. It’s 82 here today. Time for me to get some red toenails!

  7. I like Simon. He always has a cheeky line or two. 🙂

    • He’s def. a fun character, Morgan. I love him, too.

  8. Fantastic post, Jillian! I love the way she talks to herself in the mirror about looking like Johnny Cash.

    • thanks Flossie. I appreciate the kind words!

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