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Tuesday Tales- March 17, 2015- Random

This week’s word is random and there are quite a few of us Tuesday Tale-rs writing to this prompt. You can check the others out here.

This week’s post for me takes place in the bar owned by the hero’s brother and the two men have just had an argument. Lanett is taking Ian to task about his words to his brother.

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“You weren’t very nice about it. Your tone of voice was as if you were talking to a four year old.” She took a sip of the hot coffee. It was delightfully hot and the whiskey made it burn in a good way all the way down her throat.

Ian’s face registered shock. “I guess I owe him an apology. I was spoken to in such a manner last night and can’t have him being as upset with me as I am with the person who talked to me that way.”

“Let me guess who yours was. That nasty nurse at your office?”

“How’d you know?”

“That was easy. She’s trouble looking to happen and, oh my—”


Lanett pointed to the door.

Ian turned around by shifting his whole body. “Brilliant. That’s great, isn’t it?”

“Looks like you have a stalker.”

He faced Lanett. “I’m afraid you’re more correct than you think. What am I going to say to her? Why is she here?”

“You think Nasty Nurse has really followed you here?”

“I’m not sure about followed since I haven’t seen her since I left work yesterday but she did ask me out for a drink last night.”

“Oh.” Lanett put her hand over her mouth, more than a little stunned that the woman would be so bold as to ask her boss on a date. “Could this merely be a random thing? Her showing up here or does she know this is your brother’s place?”

“I imagine she knows. I’ve never tried to keep it a secret.” Ian took a sip of his coffee.

“What are the chances of us both having people we don’t want to be around show up here at the same time we did?”

“What? Who’s here you don’t want to see?”

“Amanda and the others.” Lanett tilted her head toward the table where her three friends—well, two friends and one former pal—sat.

After he looked over, he smiled a kind of half-smile. “You at least could’ve figured on yours being here since I understand from Simon that she’s kind of a regular.”

“You’re right there. I should’ve suggested another location.”

“What’s done is done. We’ll make the most of it while we have this drink and then get out of here.”

“You promised Simon to stay and help.”

“I can always come back later. After all, I have a key to the place.”

“What place is that?” the nasty nurse arrived at their table and interrupted the conversation.


  1. wow…she really is not giving up. What is up with that? I just ant to bop her on the head and send her on her way. lol

    • LOL Sarah. She needs bopping, doesn’t she?

  2. What is this woman after? You’d think he had a secret fortune squirreled away, wouldn’t you? Fun character!

    • Lol Flossie. I wish I knew. Being a pantser, I have to wait for her to let me know. Lol


  3. What the Sam Hill is wrong with that woman? I hope they get rid of Nasty Nurse soon, I think she has some issues.

    • Nasty Nurse does indeed have issues. LOL

  4. I was surprised how easily he admitted to his “inappropriate tone of voice”. Is that his character?
    As for the nurse … well as I said, she’s trouble and a half 🙂
    Nice snippet!

    • yep. I think it IS his character but you’re right to point it out as I need to be sure to be consistent with that. 🙂 And yeah, Nasty Nurse needs her comeuppance.

  5. Ooohh, I might have to smack nasty nurse. I hate obnoxious people to horn in on the conversations of others. Love the dialogue and how they are drawing together. Nicely done!

    • I think we all want to smack nasty nurse upside the head, Jean. LOL. Thanks for the compliment.

  6. Love the nickname ‘nasty nurse’! What is she after?

    • Thanks Joselyn. I’ll let you know when I do. Lol


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