Posted by: Author | March 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday 



  1. Yum! Darn it, now I’m hungry… 🙂

    • It was good. I’ve never seen this one in the US, though- boo

  2. I don’t know these…you have e craving them and I don’t even know them.

    • The regular Milka is available here. I have only seen the oreo ones in Europe. Why is that?

      • I don’t know but did you hear that Hershey is in some way trying to stop Cadbury’s made in Europe from being imported any more?

      • I did hear that. I disagree with that, of course. LOL- Cadbury’s to totally different in taste, texture and richness. What is Hershey’s afraid of?

  3. At first I thought it was an oreo package because of the picture.

    • It’s milk chocolate with oreo filling. YUM

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