Posted by: Author | April 6, 2015

Tuesday Tales – April 7, 2015- Speak

This week’s word is speak. I’m still working on the story with no name and we’re still in the bar with the snowstorm coming.

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“Are you sure you want to hang out here? I feel guilty having you work the bar when you should be going home and being safe from whatever this storm brings in.”

“News flash. I’m an adult. If I wanted to be home, I’d go. I’m fine. Let’s keep at it until Simon decides to call it a night and quits serving.”

“I’m not sure he will stop until the normal last call time. The bloke probably thinks he has a captive audience and will make his fortune tonight.”

“How dare you speak about me that way. What else did he say about me while I was gone?” Simon was back. He lifted the bar pass through and stepped in next to Lanett.

“He told me all your deep dark secrets. Sorry, I have all the information I need now in order to blackmail you.” Lanett grinned at him.

“Tch. No, my love, he didn’t tell you all my secrets. I wasn’t gone near long enough for that to happen. In fact, I doubt he got much past age seven in that length of time.” Simon scratched something with a pencil on a small pad of paper. “I need to order more disposable beer coasters. I keep forgetting. Maybe I can remember by writing it down.”


  1. Lovely banter …. enjoyed it.

    • Thanks Iris. It seems all these folks do is banter. Lol.


  2. That was some great dialog!

    • Thanks Vicki!


  3. Great scene! Love the ‘story with no name’.

    • Lol Iris. It is that. Names are hard for me.


  4. Great convo! You make them seem so real.

    • Thanks Jean. They are real in my head. LOL

  5. I feel like it’s the bar in Cheers where everyone knows your name.

    • I love that, Morgan. Awesome. Glad it evoked that for you.


  6. very interesting!!

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