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Tuesday Tales- May 5, 2015- Sandwich

Today’s word on Tuesday Tales is sandwich. This was an easy one to put in since I’d had my characters drinking in a bar and now they are snowed in and need to be fed and find spots to sleep. Don’t forget the other writers who have tackled this word this week.  Check them out here.

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“Seriously, what are we going to do? I know you were teasing earlier about the carpet but I’m so exhausted I might be tempted to pull up a corner of it and pass out.”

“I was thinking you could take the couch in Simon’s office.”

Simon walked up at that moment. “You selling my bed to the highest bidder?” He asked.

“You could say that,” Lanett smiled.

“I confess that earlier this evening I was planning to put the ladies in the office and the lads out here when it was time to sleep. I’ve changed my mind now though since the only two ladies left are you and that vixen that works with Ian. It would be too dangerous to put the two of you in there alone.” Simon turned to Ian. “I think you’ll have to go in with them to keep the peace.”

“That sounds like a terrible plan,” Lanett said. “Clearly Nancy has some gripe with Ian and she sure doesn’t like me either. I think we’d be safer out here with the entire group.”

“But there’s a nice couch in there and I have a cot in the closet as well. You’d be more comfortable there than out here.” Simon touched her arm. “Won’t you consider it?”

“No. Sorry. I can’t.” She shook her head.

“Very well, then, let’s get everyone a little something in their stomach besides liquor and then I’ll pass out what blankets I have on hand.”

“What are we going to feed them?” Ian asked.

“The easiest thing to whip up is an egg sandwich,” Simon said. “I probably have several dozen eggs in the refrigerator and a number of types of bread.”

“I’ll help.” Lanett offered.


  1. Nice way to add the prompt ☺wonder what nasty nancy is up to

    • Thanks Iris. I’m wondering too. Lol


  2. Hmm, that Nasty Nancy has me wondering what she is up to.

    • The story is moving like molasses, Vicki- I still wonder what she’s doing. LOL

  3. Nice scene! I wanted to keep going though, I wasn’t ready to stop.
    The sandwich prompt was perfect for this scene!

    • thanks. I never know how long to make these posts. Glad you wanted to keep going! This was a perfect word for this week.

  4. Fab scene. I enjoy how they are giving their opinions on things that need to be done and more or less working together. Can’t make it more perfect than egg salad sandwich– yum.

    • thanks Flossie. I’m glad it reads like I wanted. I was hoping the team work and camaraderie were coming through.

  5. I have to confess I hate egg sandwiches but I really liked your TT

    • LOL Kathleen. That made me giggle. And thanks for the kind words.

  6. Love the way this is turning into a slumber party and they’re going to lock the meanie in the office! Nice use of the word prompt, too.

    • Thanks Jean. The meanie needs locking up! Lol


  7. Hmmm…I am definitely interested to see where this little slumber party will lead. Great job!

    • Thanks Tricia.


  8. Love your story, it makes me feel like I’m there. I especially like Simon and Lannet

    • Thanks Morgan. I’m liking Simon a lot, too.


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