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Tuesday Tales- May 19, 2015- Picture Prompt

This week, for Tuesday Tales, we have a picture prompt and since in my current WIP, I have already used egg sandwich when we had the word sandwich, I decided to write a little piece of flash fiction for this week’s photo. We are only allowed to use 300 words so it’s very short. I hope you enjoy it as it was fun to write. Be sure to check out the other tales here. 11238228_10205461898365686_2531796307751873399_n

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Bacon and eggs

The bell over the door of the diner tinkled announcing a customer. Tom, the short-order cook, didn’t look up. He was tired of glancing at the door and being disappointed. If only she’d come. Desperate to see her again, he forced himself to focus on the pancakes on the griddle and the sausages in the pan. Keeping everything going at the same time was a challenge when he first came to work at the hole in the wall joint. It wasn’t what he was used to but it was honest work.


He couldn’t believe it. It must be his imagination. Was it really her voice? One word—his name—and he recognized it?

Afraid to turn around and have his hopes dashed, he ignored the sound and kept his attention on the food orders.


There it was again. His broken heart must be working overtime to taunt him. He could swear it was her but she was gone. She’d left him long ago. He’d even moved and gotten a job in a place she’d never think to search for him. It wouldn’t be her if he looked. He was sure of it.

“Tom. Please.”

Inhaling deeply, he turned to face the person who relentlessly spoke his name.

Stunned to see the woman he loved and lost, he couldn’t find words. He stared in amazement.

“I’ve found you at last.” She smiled and held her hand out. “Won’t you come home?”

“But you said you couldn’t love me.”

“I was wrong. I see that now.” She stared at the griddle. “What you’ve done is beautiful.”

“I have learned not to burn the bacon and scald the eggs.”

“Please come home. I never meant you to leave. I only wanted you to learn to cook.”


  1. I’d love to read about their discussion to find out about the misunderstandingof not being able to cook and for him to leave. Lovely ssnippet.

    • Thanks Iris. There was no conversation, though. This was written specifically for this picture. Lol.


  2. Love it. This put a smile on my face.

    • Thanks Ursula! Glad you liked it. Lol


  3. What a lovely little story!

    • Thanks Vicki. I’m glad you liked it.

  4. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that what I have to do to get DH to learn to cook?? Damn, why didn’t I think of that?

    • Hahahaha Jean. Maybe so, maybe so, lol. Thanks.


  5. So sweet and whimsical! And I like the way you mentioned scalded eggs.

    • Thanks Flossie. I wasn’t quite sure scalded would work. Glad you liked it. 🙂


  6. Great snippet. You are a master, using words on your canvas.

    • Thanks Trisha.


  7. Wonderful flash, I could see this as a tiny 5-minute movie.

    • Thanks Morgan! That made me smile.


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