Posted by: Author | May 27, 2015

Wordless Wednesday 



  1. Love the pot.

    • Thanks. I was attracted to the road side stand by a group of them. I loved it and HAD to have it. Buckled in for safety. LOL

  2. Too late. I looked. Sigh. Just for the record, all I have to do is LOOK at a succulent plant and they die. So I’ll just apologize now. 🙂
    FYI – the pot is cool. And yep. Love the seatbelt.

    • Rut-Roh. You looked. Eek. Lol. I kill them, too so don’t feel bad. I loved the pot and thought the succulent looked succulent. Lol. 🙂 seatbelts save lives!


      • Seatbelts may save lives, but I looked, so this one’s probably a goner anyhow. Lol.

      • You made me snort. LOL! A LOT! I’ll let you know how the victim does.

  3. I thought you were on a road trip!I traveled from No. Virginia to SE Idaho with a camellia, two guinea pigs and a cockatiel in the backseat some years ago. I’m good with outdoor plants, but not houseplants. We have a 25+ yr old philodendron that I believe is only alive because it technically belongs to my husband; he won it as a door prize at a church bazaar.

  4. x

  5. I have the same pot! I love colorful Mexican pottery.

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