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Tuesday Tales- June 2, 2015- Giggle

This week’s word is giggle for Tuesday Tales. I am still working on the story I’ve been working on with the snowstorm. Remember to check out the other authors’ posts as well HERE. They all have some awesome stories going on and lots of cliffhangers have been abounding lately.

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By the time he got around to her, she was a nervous wreck. The reality of what could’ve happened had finally hit her. She shook all over.

The detective leaned in and stared into her eyes. “You seem agitated.”

Lanett rubbed her arms. Suddenly cold and not wanting to talk to the man as she was scared she’d embarrass herself by bursting into tears, she replied, “You think?”

He held his hands up. “Sorry. Sorry. That was the wrong word. Of course you’re agitated. You were attacked. I merely meant you didn’t seem to be in a state to talk to me and I wanted to see if there was anyone here who could offer you some moral support as we go through this. I already have a really good idea of what happened since there were some people here who pay attention to details but I do need your statement.”

“Ian is a friend. If he could sit with me, that might help.”

The detective waved Ian over. “Can you be her moral support?”

“Anytime.” Ian sat beside Lanett and took hold of her hand.

Being gentle with victims must have been a talent of the detective since he took her through her statement in such a way that her nerves settled down the more that she talked. Or maybe it was Ian’s presence that helped. The shaking of her limbs stopped and even when she spoke of the actual attack, she didn’t fall apart as she’d anticipated she would.

When they were done, Lanett giggled nervously. “Is this all then?”

“Oh, no. All the statements will be attached to my report and given to the district attorney to determine the charges to be filed.” The detective gathered all his papers and shoved them into the leather notebook he carried. “I’ll be in touch.”

He left the bar.

Lanett turned to Ian. “May I go home and collapse now?”

“If you think you’re all right to be alone, I’ll escort you and then leave you to rest in your own bed.”

“That would be wonderful. I love this bar but I’ve had quite enough of it for a while.”

Ian held out his hand. She took it gratefully and allowed him to lead her out of the place with a wave goodbye to Simon. She hoped the bar owner understood her need to get the heck out of there.


  1. He certainly should understand her need to get out of there. Great snippet!

    • For sure, Vicki! LOL! Thanks!

  2. I felt her nerves, then how she calmed. Yes, I’d say Ian had something to do with that. He knows what to do. What a mensch.

    • A mensch indeed. For sure. I’m liking him. Lol


  3. Great snippet … liked the way he was able to calm her. Well done … and yes, you withheld what actually happened, didn’t you 😉

    • Lol. Yes, I did, Iris. lol.


  4. (davee jones) great TT, i felt her anxiety ease by the end of the excerpt. 🙂

    • Thanks Davee. Glad it came through.


  5. Had a super long cooment but typing on the treadmill can be tricky. Great use of giggle

    • LOL yeah, that treadmill will get ya every time. J

  6. Sorry I didn’t get to this until tonight. You are moving them ever so gently toward each other with each excerpt, and I like both of them. I admire the way you show their effect on one another, as in the way his nearness calms and steadies her. Kudos!

    • thanks Flossie. I felt like I was moving too slow so it makes me happy that you think it’s good and that they are both likable.

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