Posted by: Author | June 12, 2015

Friday Facts- June 12, 2015- Klaatu

I got this Friday Fact from my musician son. He told me about this band called Klaatu that released albums in the 1970s.  People thought the Beatles had gotten back together and released new works. I’m going to attach a video for you to hear them and man, they do sound like the Beatles. Check it out.

The album cover had no pictures of the band and no credits for the singers. It was also released by Capitol records which was the label of the Beatles in the USA. There are some other reasons that people thought it was the Beatles. Click the link to see all the craziness. 


  1. They do sound like The Beatles.

    • It’s wild, isn’t it, Lavada?


  2. Wow. Weird. And solved, it looks like, from the link you showed. Really, really interesting, Jillian! Thanks for sharing.

    • I was totally intrigued when the son told me about this. He’s always dropping ideas for FF for me. I’d never heard of this band before and I was alive back then and he wasn’t. Lol


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