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Tuesday Tales- June 23, 2015- Old

This week’s word is old.  For more stories using the word old as a word prompt, otherwise known as Tuesday Tales, click here. Link to other tales.

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“Nonsense. You had no way of knowing how I felt. Don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s merely a personal quirk.” He pointed at her plate with the tines of his fork and, as if to change the subject, said, “But you don’t like the broccoli?”

“How could you tell?”

“The little mound of it on the edge of your plate.” He poked his fork into the vegetables. “May I?”

“Of course.” She slid her plate closer to him. “You may have every stalk of it on the planet as far as I’m concerned.”

“That’s a lot of hatred there, lady.” Ian smiled as he chewed the broccoli in an exaggerated manner.

“You know it.” Lanett kept her head down as she ate, trying to think of something to discuss. After the nut comment, she sure didn’t want to ask about Nancy and if he’d heard anything about her getting out of the mental ward. Lanett was dreading that but hoping the woman would go straight to jail after being released since the charges against her were so severe.

Ian looked up from his food. “You seem quiet tonight. Are you more at ease now that you’ve had a chance to have some down time after Nancy attacked you?”

“I actually do.” Lanett nodded. So much for not bringing up the subject. “It’s amazing what a nap can do for the psyche.”

“I’m really sorry that happened and I hope you’re not blaming yourself. Or me for that matter.”

“Oh no. One thing I learned a while back—and it wasn’t a pleasant way I learned it—is that that you can’t control anyone else’s behavior. No matter how much you may want to. So, to blame either of us for what she did makes no sense.”

“That’s a good attitude to have. Most people aren’t that smart. At least most people our age.”

“Are you saying I’m old before my time?” Lanett chuckled.

“I would never say such a thing.”

“Because you value your life?”

“You know it.” Ian stood. “Let me help with the clearing up.”

“What are we going to do with all these leftovers?” Lanett eyed the containers with trepidation. She was not a fan of reheated food.

“I can leave them for you or I can take them in to work tomorrow. Those people will be happy to have it.”

“Please do take it. It’s way too much food to leave here.”

“Remind me when I leave.” He picked up the bottle of wine. “Let’s finish this by the fire.”


  1. I liked his comment re the broccoli 🙂 nice dialogue.

    • Thanks Iris. That quirk of hers about broccoli is actually my own quirk. Lol


      • Hahaha … join the club 🙂

      • Lol Iris.


  2. lol. Someone really doesn’t like broccoli. I’m with Ian…I love that stuff. Seems like a nice guy to take leftovers into work. 😀 Can’t wait to see how their winey by the fire goes.

    • You and Ian can share mine when I meet you! LOL! I can’t stand it. And yeah, leftovers to the office is a tradition.

  3. Broccoli hate runs rampant! =D Well done. Can`t wait to see what happens by the fire.

    • LOL Vicki. Indeed it does!

  4. You have such an adept way with dialogue. It flows well and has touches of genuine humor. Great excerpt. I like his suggestion of wine by the fire!

    • Thanks Flossie. That means a lot to me as I sometimes think I make people chat on too much. LOL

      • You are so good at writing dialogue that sounds natural.

      • Thanks Flossie. That made my day!


  5. Nice give and take between these two that demonstrates their complex relationship.

    • Thanks Morgan.


  6. I love broccoli, but so many people don’t. Like the way she shared it with Ian. They are a lovely couple. I”m hoping they’ll be getting closer soon. Hint. hint.

    • Lol Jean. The next scene…… And I am the opposite with broccoli. I can’t take even the smell. My spouse loves it though.


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