Posted by: Author | July 8, 2015

No Wordless Wednesday

I’m still on the planet but my computer crashed last week. I have a new one but am slowly recovering my data and photos so I am, at the moment, stuck with the photos that come on the computer. BOO!   Hoping I can get my pics back and have something for next week.


  1. Oh. no! That’s such a PIA and time-suck. I hope you manage to recover everything. I save my docs to an external hard drive and my pics to flash drives. But I’m thinking about setting up a virtual account for my documents. I’ve held off, worried about how secure these things are, but so many people are losing data that it seems time to jump.

    • Yeah. I was able to save it all. Thanks goodness a warning came up that my hard drive was unstable and I needed to move stuff NOW. So, we got it all moved to a safe place and are now trying to get it all loaded to the new machine. I’ve left the music and pictures for last as it takes a long time for those to load and I needed to get work and writing stuff in place first. And I use Dropbox, too so I was able to access those files all along at home.


  2. Yikes, so glad you didn’t lose anything.

    • amen. Me, too. Pics are loaded onto my external hard drive now so I am back in business! 🙂

  3. I understand but hope you are back with them soon.I truly enjoy Wordless Wednesdays form you.

    • Thanks. I have photos back!

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