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Tuesday Tales- August 17, 2015- Writing

This week’s word is writing. I cheated a little and used handwriting. I have now finished the Regency story and am thinking of naming it The Duke and the Orphan or do you guys think The Orphan and the Duke sounds better?

To set the scene, the duke is giving a ball for his sisters’ coming out and they want to invite Amelia but know she has no suitable gown so they are discussing how they can provide one for her and sending her a letter to get her to meet them at the dressmaker’s shop on the pretext of helping them choose their own gowns..

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“But how will we get her a gown?”

“Maybe the seamstress can figure her measurements from looking at her. I’m sure they’ve made a number of gowns that way.” They walked down the hall.

“My goodness, Basil. Have you thought about what you would do if your tailor tried to sell you a garment he hadn’t measured you for?” Saffron laughed.

“That’s true but I am doing my best here to get you what you want. Miss Amelia at your ball and in an appropriate gown. All without offending her.”

“Basil’s right, Saffron. Let’s see if that will work. We can certainly ask.” Jonquil led the way to Basil’s desk and picked up a pen. She held it out to her sister. “You have better handwriting than I do. You write it.”

Saffron stepped over, pushed Archimedes out of Basil’s chair and sat. “Why is our cat always in here with you, Basil? If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was your pet, not ours.”

“The creature seems to like it in here.” Basil shrugged then grinned as a thought came to him. “Maybe because it’s so quiet in here. Not like in your area of the house.”

“I think you quite like his company and are afraid to mention it.” Saffron dipped the pen and wrote on the piece of paper in front of her. “We’ve all heard the way you growl and mumble in here when you’re working on your accounts. I’m sure Archimedes doesn’t like all that noise.”

Basil realized she was right about one thing. Somehow that blasted mouser had made himself indispensable to the man. The animal seemed to somehow ease some of Basil’s anxiousness at being the duke. Who knew a seven-pound ball of fur could work such a miracle?

Deciding not to arm his sisters with that information, Basil stood silent while Saffron finished the letter.


  1. Great excerpt! I like the Orphan and the Duke myself.

    • Thanks Vicki. Those I’ve asked agree with you. 🙂


  2. The Orphan and the Duke has an appealing rhythm to it. I love that he needs the cat and that the cat acts as a balm to him. Great excerpt!

    • Thanks Flossie. And you’re right on the title. I love kitties and wanted to fit one in. Archimedeshas grown on me too.


  3. I’ll echo the sentiment above. The Orphan and the Duke has a nice ring to it. Good snippet; love the bit about the cat– the way he refers to him as a mouser. Well done.

    • Thanks Susanne. I think we all agree on the title. Lol. And thanks re excerpt.


  4. agree … the orphan and the duke … and I loved the cat bit as well 🙂

    • Thanks Iris

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