Posted by: Author | August 21, 2015

Friday Facts- August 21, 2015- West Point

West Point is the oldest operating (continuingly) Army post in the USA. It.started out as a fort during the time of the Revolutionary War and was occupied by the Continental Army from 1778. Benedict Arnold was the commander at the time he committed his act of treason. He entered into a plot to sell it to the British for a sum of money.

Thomas Jefferson, when he was president, in 1801, set in motion the creation of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The first graduates came out in 1802. How many cadets do you think that was? A grand total of two. Yep, two.  The first was Joseph Gardner Swift and the second was Simeon Magruder Levy. Mr. Levy was also the first Jewish grad of the Academy.

Another interesting tidbit is that out of the five five-star generals in WWII, four of them were West Point men.

And one more tidbit: one of my former beaus went there after he graduated high school (a year ahead of me). When he came home, he looked quite dashing in his uniform.

In later years, one of my lawyer friends who was in the army taught there. How cool was that?


  1. West Point has long been an icon. Love the history.

    • Amen, for sure. It’s a fascinating place to me. AND played SUCH a role in our history.

  2. Lavada’s word…icon…completely works for West Point. A lot of history started there. Thanks for the brush up on it’s history! I love Friday Facts. 🙂

    • You’re welcome. And yep, icon it is. Glad you like FF.


      • Cool, certainly.I have known many fine men who attended West Point, (I haven’t known any women as yet.) However,it isn’t for everyone. My husband turned down going there, as did one of my cousins…the cousin went onto become an FBI agent with a distinguished career.
        The history of West Point and the importance of it is mind-boggling.

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