Posted by: Author | September 2, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

PLSSA door prizes


  1. guessing — conference.

    • Pensacola Legal Support Staff Assn luncheon. I donated some door prizes and a small gift to each attendee. Thank goodness it was only 51. Lol


  2. Homemade goodies?

    • Nope. Books and magnets.


      • I’d like that better.I can make my own goodies and can’t indulge as much in them now.

      • Yeah. I’m with you.


  3. 51 gift bags? That’s still a lot. And I think I see some books peeking through that plastic. Yay! 🙂

    • Oh no,  not 51 gift bags. I did 51 postcards of a few of my books and 21 people got mini hand gels and 30 got magnets of a book cover. I also gave two “Jillian” calculators as door prizes and two book gifts. One with Senior Assassin and a plaque and one with the two books out so far in the witch-in-training series.

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