Posted by: Author | October 2, 2015

Friday Facts- October 2, 2015- James Dean

This week, on September 30, saw the 60th anniversary of James Dean’s death. I wasn’t born when he was alive but, of course, know about his legend. He was the epitome of teenage angst back then and still has an aura of mystique about him. One of films’ great Bad Boys. He even still got thousands of fan mail letters over a year after he died.

He was 24 when he died and this year, would’ve been 84 had he lived.  Can you imagine him at 84? Would he still have been a nice looking man? I think so- kind of like Sean Connery has always been a beautiful man and still is at 85.

His Porsche was named “Little Bastard” and I kind of like that he named his car since I always do that as well.

Here’s a favorite quote from him. I guess he lived this one.  Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.  James_Dean_-_publicity_-_early


  1. This was just on the news here yesterday. Some guy has been trying to find the porsche James Dean crashed in. Apparently, there’s some indication that it’s hidden behind some wall of a building in Bellingham, Washington.

    • I heard a piece of that story on the radio yesterday but not all the details. That’s wild.

  2. He was the epitome of ‘bad boy’. I think he would have continued to be handsome. Another great Friday Fact

    • Yep. He’s def the bad boy. And I agree about the handsomeness. Glad you liked the FF


  3. I was too young to remember when he died,(15 months old?), but grew up hearing so much about him.My sister’s first steady BF,(when I was about 8), was a very handsome 15-16 yr old who used “Dean” for a last name along with his nickname for a first name.( He really tried to be very cool! ) I think his mystique will continue through his films, few that there are.

    • I agree. AND I love that about your sister’s BF. Funny

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