Posted by: Author | November 2, 2015

Tuesday Tales- November 3, 2015- Picture Prompt

I’m back to Tuesday Tales again. I’ve been traveling and having crazy times at the day job so this has been the first week I’ve had the chance to take part in a while.  I’ve started a new story for NaNoWriMo (I’m still going to go back to the vampire story) and this week, I’m sharing the first almost 300 words of this new story.  Be sure to check out the other tales here.

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A view of tumbleweeds and no trees instead of shades of red and orange fall foliage out the window depressed Olivia Jacobs more than anything else about this God-forsaken corner of western Texas. Well, maybe not more than anything, but it sure ran a close second to whatever else she could think of that she missed about early November in New York. Only a little over two years until she could go back. Surely those years would pass faster than the last five. They had to, right?

She stifled a snort. She must be the only woman in history to ever want her twenties to pass as fast as they could.

“What’s with the sad face?” Sharon Brooks, her best friend, asked.

“Nothing.” Olivia shook off the glums that had taken hold of her. “Just hoping that no one picks that song today.”

“You crack me up about that song. I know you hate it for some reason.”

“You have no idea.”

“Since this is your bar, I don’t know why you don’t take the stupid thing out of the jukebox.”

“How quickly you forget? Remember the near-riot when I did?” Olivia gritted her teeth at the memory of the rowdy patrons of this honky-tonk bar she bought when she landed in town two years ago.

She’d immediately set about changing some things in the place and got a lot of flak for it but that one song she despised got the biggest reaction when she took it out of play.

“I still can’t figure out why you wanted to own a country bar when you hate the music. You have to admit, it’s weird.”

Olivia couldn’t tell Sharon the truth. No one could know why she was here and why she chose such a place to hide.


  1. Okay … can’t wait to find out, because, yes, it kinda is weird 🙂
    Good to have you “back” 🙂

    • Thanks for welcoming me back, Iris. And weird is what I do best. lol.


  2. Hooked! Can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks Susanne. I’m glad it hooked you. Hoping I can keep it going


  3. Great! You sucked me in in the beginning, then left me wanting to know more at the end. I need to know why she’s hiding, too.

    • Thanks Jean. I’m glad I sucked you in because I started this NaNo journey with no premise and no Hero’s name. Lol.


  4. What a great snippet!

    • Thanks Vicki!

  5. Great start to a new story! I’m hooked already and want to know more. (And you’re right, you won’t see this scene in West Texas lol)

  6. So what song is it and why doesn’t she want to hear it? Nice!

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