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Tuesday Tales- November 17, 2015- Cup

It’s that time again. Time for Tuesday Tales. Come on in and sit a while and read some stories. This week’s word prompt is cup. I’m still in my #NaNoWriMo story- I made the 50,000 words on November 14 but I’m still working on the story. This snippet is just past the part where Olivia has hit two would-be robbers of her bar with a large wrench. The other tales are here at this link. Check them out, too. 

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“Oh good grief. Everyone get out of my office. If you want to take a statement from me, I’m not talking until I know there will be no charges against me.” Ollie turned to Castro. “Go earn your fee. Listen to the other people as they give statements and then let me know the next step.”

“It don’t work like that pretty lady,” the sheriff said.

“Stop calling me anything besides my name. Just because you’re law enforcement, you don’t have the right to talk down to me.” The lady reminded Rocky of some kind of avenging angel. Those green eyes sparked and practically spit fire as she glared at the sheriff. If he knew the cop, he knew the guy had spent the last fifteen minutes trying to intimidate Ollie.

Glad she was strong enough to stand up to the sheriff—why he’d be surprised after she whacked two dudes with a wrench he didn’t know—Rocky smiled at her, trying to send her mental kudos for being so brave.

She glanced over at Rocky. “What are you smirking about? Glad to see me in the hot seat?”

“I wasn’t smirking. I was being encouraging. The only thing I’m glad about is seeing you standing up to this guy.” He hiked his thumb in the direction of the cop.

“Stop talking to my client. She might say something she shouldn’t.” Castro stepped between Rocky and Ollie.

“I’m not about to do that. What I am going to do is close my door and have a cup of coffee to settle my nerves.” She stared at the four men. “And I may even add some whiskey to that cup so please, all of you, go about your business.”

“I’d like to stay for a moment, if you don’t mind,” Rocky said.

“I mind,” Castro said.

“Your permission isn’t required, man. Just the lady’s.” If he had to manhandle Castro to get him out of the room, Rocky would. He needed a moment to chat with Ollie. Not that he thought she’d listen to him but he wanted to warn her.

“Fine. Suit yourself but talk fast. I’m suddenly exhausted.” She moved to her desk and flopped into the chair behind it.

He studied her face. She did look done in.

“This isn’t over, missy. You still need to give a statement,” the sheriff said as he retreated from the room.

“My name’s not Missy,” she called out.


  1. great scene. loved it.

    • Thanks Iris.


  2. Love it. You’re doing a great job.

    • Thanks Susanne. That means a lot since I’m feeling a little lost in the forest now. Lol


  3. Sparkling dialogue, and I love her spunk.

    • Thanks. I appreciate the kind words. Glad you liked it. 🙂

  4. Love it, love it! Great dialogue, weaving in the action, and sharing the characters with us. I want to read more!
    Although I’m still slightly jealous that you’ve hit your 50k already. You, Sarah and Lindsay – you put the rest of us to shame.

    • Thanks Trisha. I’m glad you like it. As to the 50,000, I am a bit nuts every November until I make that number. I think it’s a disease. Novemberitis, maybe? NaNoitis? Or just plain OCD?? LOL

      • Or a bit of all three? LOL

      • yep.  Probably.  LOL

  5. Love her gumption! She’s not taking any guff. Great character. Love Rocky, too, standing up for her, encouraging her. Great story!

    • Thanks Jean. I appreciate the kind words – I do like her, she doesn’t take any lip! LOL – And Rocky is a great guy. 🙂

  6. Congrats on hitting 50k already!! That’s awesome.

    I like her spunk.

    • Thanks Joselyn!

  7. Really loved the dialog and her spunk!

    • Thanks.


  8. Nice dialogue. Hit the nail on the head with the LEO calling her everything but her name 🙂

    • Thanks, And yep, I have a lot of LEOs as friends and this is exactly how they would talk. LOL

  9. Wow, I really like Ollie too. She’s got some great spunk to her. Love a woman that won’t be intimidated or talked down to.

    • Thanks Sarah. Me too. I’m all about strong women.


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