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Tuesday Tales- November 24, 2015- Nasty

This week’s word prompt for Tuesday Tales is nasty. I like that word. There’s a lot of ways to use it but I’m sticking to the basics today. Be sure to check out the other stories here. Lots of great snippets on hand for your pleasure. I’m still working on my NaNoWriMo story.


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As she slept and he drove further north. Graham cast a sidelong glance at her every few miles. He’d somehow let her in past all the guards he’d set up in his heart. In the years since Clara’s death, he’s only allowed himself freedom to care about and dote affection on the children he met in his volunteer work at the hospitals.

Children and his farm animals. They were easy. No expectations other than a treat once in a while and a hug and pat on the back. Grown-ups were much more complicated.

Sure, a man could have his drinking and card-playing buddies and while he might care for them, the tie was loose and not dependent. This caring for another woman was something he’d told himself was never going to happen to and now, somehow, he’d let her in.

He wanted to beat the steering wheel in frustration and anger at himself but he couldn’t bring himself to disturb her.

That elicited a snort.

Olivia started and sat up. She ran a hand over her eyes. “How long did I sleep?”

“A couple of hours. We’re coming into a town. Do you want to eat something?”

“Absolutely. You’re a pretty awesome instant oatmeal stirrer and the dinner of granola bars was exceptional, but I could sure use a real meal.”

“Same here.” He grinned in her direction. “But thanks for the compliments on my culinary skills.”

“Somehow—and don’t ask me how it happened—even my least favorite food, nasty old oatmeal, tasted pretty good with you.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment even though you called my food nasty.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean your oatmeal in particular. I just never eat it anymore since I don’t have to. I had a nanny as a kid that thought it was not only essential to eat for breakfast every day no matter the season but also thought it was a cure-all for whatever ails you. So, in addition to having way too much of it on a daily basis, I also met my quota when I was sick.”

“Funny. I feel the same way about 7-Up. If I drink it, I start to feel sick because that was what my mother always gave us to settle our stomachs.”

“Isn’t weird how we get these food and drink aversions?”

“Sure is but speaking of food, where do you want to eat?” Graham glanced out the car window. “I see an IHOP, a couple of burger joints and a Pizza Hut. Or did you want to go more upscale?”

“Absolutely not. I haven’t had a bath in over twenty-four hours and as Sam said, I need some make-up refreshment so fast food is best, I’m afraid.”

“Let’s do the IHOP then. They have both breakfast and lunch.” He grinned. “You never know, they may have oatmeal.”

“And 7-Up.” She playfully punched his arm. “If you make me order oatmeal, I’m ordering you all the 7-Up in the place.”

“Deal. No making each other eat or drink evil concoctions.” Graham pulled in the parking lot of the IHOP. “Unless I get sick. Then I’ll be wanting the 7-Up.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” She opened her door as soon as he parked the SUV.



  1. LOL. I have my own aversions…and for me it was Cherry 7Up when I was sick. But to this day I can’t have McDonald’s pickles b/c those were the one thing that made me sick when I was pregnant with my first kid.

    Like seeing their developing relationship.

    • Haha Sarah. I think we all have those. Mine is the 7up and for some reason, mustard makes me sick, for some reason. I’d avoid the pickles, too. Ugh on getting sick on pickles.


  2. LOL For the life of me, I can’t drink apple juice. It seems they always tried to force copious amounts of it into me when I was sick. Warm and given it’s color, it reminded me too much of what should come out rather than go in. Love the camaradarie developing here.

    • Oooh, I can see how you’d be reminded of the other thing, Susanne. And warm apple juice sounds ugh either way. You gave me my morning giggle. Lol. Thanks re: camaraderie comment.


      • I had a hard time feeding the stuff to my kids! lol

      • Funny. One of mine loved it and one wouldn’t touch it. LOL

  3. My food aversion is turnips. My mother always tried to pass them off as boiled potatoes, which I love. It never worked but to this day I cannot look at a turnip without wrinkling my nose. =D

    • That was not cool of your mom, Vicky. Lol. Taste buds set for potatoes and boom, turnips. Ugh.


  4. Love the way they intereact, so free and easy. Yes, he’s let her in and I can see why. Love these characters and their story!

    • Thanks Jean. I appreciate it. These people have done well considering I had nothing to go on November 1. Lol


  5. Love the dialogue between them…. and isn’t the second paragraph spot on! … hey, for those blonde ones amongst us… what’s IHOP ?

    • Lol. Thanks Iris. IHOP is a restaurant here in the USA that does breakfast all day as well as a full menu. It’s whole name is International House of Pancakes. And great point. For my readers not from US, I should explain that.


      • Breakfast all day – my kinda place 🙂 We have something similar here called the pancake kitchen …

      • Cool. I’m a fan of all day breakfast too. 😀


      • Very common in germany …. well at least when i lived there. Now i know what to offer you should you ever come for a visit ☺

      • Sadly, you will have to come see me. I couldn’t stand all those hours in a plane. I’d go crazy! (crazier, I mean)

  6. Marvelous job. It reminds me of the foods I liked and didn’t like and how my son went a year wanting only cream of wheat. Love the line about evil concoctions.

    • Thanks, Flossie. I love that about your son and cream of wheat – that’s funny. Does he still like it or did he get burned out? Lol


      • He doesn’t dislike it, but neither is it his fave! Ah, those good ole times!

      • That’s good. That he doesn’t hate it. I can no longer eat mustard as I made a mustard sandwich when I was a kid as I loved mustard so much. Can’t deal now. Lol


  7. Great back and forth between them. My food aversions are green beans and bananas. gag.

    • LOL thanks. I also don’t like green beans!

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