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Tuesday Tales- December 8, 2015 – Evil

This week’s word is evil. Since I am writing a romantic thriller, I have this one! Easy peasy.  This is when the hero and heroine are in New York City being pursued. Check out the other authors posts here.

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They settled in and as the driver took off, Olivia squeezed his thigh. “Look, right there. It’s him.”

Graham glanced out the window, memorizing the face and body size of the man on the sidewalk. Now he had his enemy in his head and would never forget him.

“We barely made it.” Olivia’s face reflected the horror she had to be feeling.

“But we did and now we move forward, right?”

“Yes. Moving on. Not looking back.”

Graham hoped she was right and that they could move on. He didn’t think the man would’ve done anything to her on the crowded street but he’d shown how persistent he could be. Knowing Bernard wasn’t going to give up merely strengthened Graham’s own resolve.

This woman beside him in the cab was going to survive even if he had to die to make it happen. Hopefully, it wouldn’t come to that but he was ready to take that step if necessary. Evil couldn’t win out.

It took the taxi fifteen minutes to make it to Columbus Circle. Traffic was dense but it always was as he recalled from when he lived in town.

Once they paid the fare, Graham led Olivia into the building that housed a shopping mall as well as offices. His Army pal was going to meet them at the door to the suite that housed the headquarters to the man running against Lisa. Graham wanted to be sure to have his ally there in case the candidate doubted his sincerity since he was related to the opposition.

They stepped off the elevator to find Graham’s friend pacing the area in front of them. “Hey, Rockford. Long time, no see.”

“For sure, Roberts. Been too long. We need to go for a beer later.”

“No can do, man. I’ve given up the demon drink. Got me a reckless driving offense and promised not to touch the stuff again.”

“Good for you to keep it up.”

“Who’s the pretty lady?”

“This is my friend, Olivia Jacobs. She’s the one who needs to see your man.”

“Since she’s such a looker, I’m sure he’ll want to help her.” He turned and walked down the corridor.

Graham knew the comment about her looks wasn’t going to go over well with Olivia and hoped she wouldn’t voice her displeasure. He cast a glance in her direction and even though she looked like she would burst, she kept quiet. Sure he’d get an earful later, he cupped his hand around her elbow and led her toward the door Roberts opened.

Entering the room, they were faced with a receptionist holding a phone to her ear.  She indicated for them to take a seat.

When she hung up, she smiled at them. “Let me buzz the boss and let him know you’re here.”

“Thanks,” Graham said.

In a few moments, the door to an inner office opened and a large man with a handlebar mustache stepped out. His face was florid and he looked like a heart attack waiting to happen.


  1. Liked the description … can’t wait to read what happens next … will she let mustache man help her?

    • thanks Iris!!

  2. Oh man, what will happen next?! And who is this man with the handlebar mustache? Great snippet!

    • thanks Vicki!

  3. Wonderful scene. Love that last line. It says it all!

    • thanks Susanne. Sometimes it’s easier to know when to stop than others. LOL

  4. I agree. Love the last line. Great snippet this week!

    • thanks Mary! 🙂

  5. Love your description of the man with the handlebar mustache. It says so much about her, her reaction to the comment about her looks.

    • Thanks Jean. I was hoping that would be noticed about her. Lol


  6. Great last line!

    • Thanks Joselyn

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