Posted by: Author | December 18, 2015

Friday Facts- December 18, 2015- The Christmas Song

This song was written by  Bob Wells and Mel Torme in 1945. It’s the most performed Christmas song and was actually written on a super-hot summer day. Mel Torme said he saw a note pad on Bob Wells’ piano with the four phrase, “chestnuts roasting” “Jack Frost nipping” “yuletide carols” and “folks dressed as Eskimos” – Wells told him he was trying to keep cool in the heat by thinking of cold things. He wasn’t working on a song.

When Mel saw the words, they started working on a song and had it done in 40 minutes. Mel wrote the tune and they both did the lyrics. Not bad for less than an hour’s work, right?

Nat King Cole recorded it first (1946)  but I like Bing’s version the best since he refers to the writers at the beginning. I love that.



  1. One of my favorites. Happy to see Friday Facts.

    • Mine, too, Lavada. And thanks re: FF. I’ve been too busy to blog much lately. Glad it was missed.

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