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Tuesday Tales- February 9, 2016-Picture Prompt

This week we have a picture prompt. There are four window pictures and we each chose one. I took the one that looks rustic. This is my pre-WWII novel with vampires. Be sure to check out the other author’s posts here.

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In the woods near a small town in the Black Forest called Oberkirch, Declan hunkered down and looked through his binoculars. They’d made their way into Nazi territory from Switzerland that morning and were staking out a clockmaker’s shop. He focused the glasses on the open wood shutters of the craftsman’s workroom.

Roman Popov sat with him while Padriac and Annette got some rest in the hotel which was actually a run down pension. One that appeared to be from one of Grimm’s fairy tales. Not the good one with candies all over it either.

“See anything?” Popov asked.

“No. Other than the old man fiddling with some carved figures. I think he’s sorting them to place in more of those fancy cuckoo clocks.”

“I’d quite like one of those myself. I wonder if we’ll have some leisure time for me to get one.”

“Not from that shop. If your information is correct, he’s in deep with the Nazis.” Declan passed the binoculars to Popov. “Check for yourself.”

“You’re right. He’s not doing anything that matters to us at all. It’s cold out here and we’ve got nothing to report. What a waste of time.”

“Maybe not. Let’s wait a while longer. Maybe they meet past time for everyone to be asleep.”

“Sure, yeah. If they want to call attention to themselves, they’d be sure to meet at three in the morning. That way, everyone in town would wonder why they were out and about at that ungodly hour.”

“You must remember, the Nazis are in power so they don’t need to be secretive about their meetings.”

“Yes, but they do need to keep the general population unaware of the vampire element, do they not?” Popov set the binoculars down.


  1. Well done. Great dialogue.

    • Thanks Susanne

  2. I agree with Susanne. Some really great dialog in that snippet!

    • Thanks Vicki. These characters are a lot of fun!

  3. Interesting! This one gave me a giggle: Not the good one with candies all over it either. LOL. Also reminded me of the day i went into a clockmaker’s shop in the Black Forest – went in, had at least a 100 clocks ticking and not at the same time – and went out, trying hard not to get a headache …
    Did you randomly choose Oberkirch?

    • thanks Iris. Glad it made you giggle. I have been to that area of the Black Forest (many, many, many years ago) and really loved the atmosphere of the many villages in the Black Forest- I picked one near the border since I was in both Switzerland and Germany (as well as Italy and Austria that trip and have great memories of that time). AND yes, it makes the head hurt in those shops. Why aren’t they all on the same time, too?? That’s worrisome. LOL

  4. Vampires vs. Nazis? Oohhh, wonderful! This is going to be good. Great use of the picture prompt and build-up of anticipation. Looking forward to more.

    • Thanks Jean. I’m glad you like it. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to work in the prompt but I squeaked it in. LOL

  5. Such an intriguing world and story. Love it.

    • thanks Flossie. My crit partners keep wondering what actually is IN my head for me to come up with some of this stuff.. LOL

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