Posted by: Author | February 24, 2016

Wordless Wednesday



  1. I’m curious on this one. Will wait for more comments.

    • LOL! It’s the carpet of the hotel hallway where we stayed in New Orleans. I loved the look and the fleur di lis were perfect for NOLA!

      • I ‘need’ to get to New Orleans. I have a friend who has a friend… yep need to do some research, that went by herself. It was sort of a hostel type thing where they toured New Orleans and studied it’s history. I REALLY need to find out more about it.

      • ooh that sounds cool! Come on down!

  2. This is the type of pattern you see all over Louisville; the fleur de lis is the emblem of the city, since it was named after Louis XVI.

    • It’s all over Louisiana as well. Louis was a popular dude and his fleur di lis is beautiful!

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