Posted by: Author | February 29, 2016

Tuesday Tales- March 1, 2016- Hip

This week’s word is hip. I’m near the end of the vampire book so this will be the last post from it. Next week, we should have something new on hand.  Be sure to check out the other authors’ posts with this link.

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In the moment she arrived at the turn, the German came around the other direction. He almost ran right into her but regained his footing and grabbed her instead.

Holding her with his arm around her neck and a gun at her head, he looked at Declan. “You think you’re so wise. Now, you stay here while I return to Berlin with the prize. There will be no following us this time.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I met this lady not too long ago on the train. She and I were stealing some kisses is all.” Declan tried to remain nonchalant. His trigger finger itched but while the man had her held so close to him, it was better to try to talk it out.

He didn’t really believe that but it was what he was taught in his training so he was willing to try it for a few moments anyway. Before he blew the chap’s head off.

“You are not a good liar, herr. I’ve determined you were pretending to be drunk earlier. I know you killed my partner. He would not have abandoned his duty.”

“Maybe I did kill him. Why don’t you let the woman go and take me on man to man?”

“I need the fraulein. I will be taking her now.” The tall German turned, moving Yana with him. As he did, Yana hit him with the side of her hip.

Declan saw her movement and in the split second that she was far enough away from the man’s side to give him a clear shot, Declan took it.

The bullet smacked into the German’s head. He fell instantly to the ground with his own gun going off as it hit the grass.


  1. Well done. Good luck with getting the story published. I enjoyed the snippets.

    • Thanks Susanne. I appreciate the good wishes.


  2. Oh well done! Best of luck with getting it published.

    • Thanks Vicki. I appreciate the good wishes. I’ve got some polishing to do for sure! 🙂

  3. Ahhh … tzese Schtermans …. Great snippet …. I liked it!

    • Thanks Iris. AND thanks for the advice on TT. I will fix those. 🙂

  4. Nice snippet! What a tense moment. Good luck with the book.

    • Thanks Joselyn!

  5. Great job! Enjoyed reading this story.

    • Thanks Trisha!

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