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Tuesday Tales- May 17, 2016- Save

The word of the week for Tuesday Tales is save. I’m continuing on my new story set in Scotland this week. It’s called Dreamily Ever After. We pick up with the heroine in a pub with some people from the village and the hero.

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Liam returned with Naill. “Hope you ladies don’t mind. I found this gent over by the bar and he begged for the chance to join us. How could I refuse?”

“He’s right. I gave him my pitiful face and now, here I am.” Naill set lagers in front of both Leta and Mairi. “And I pay my debts in ale.”

“Can’t argue with that, can we, Leta?” Mairi asked.

“Of course not.” Leta picked up her first pint and drained the glass so she could start on the fresh one. One thing she hadn’t gotten used to yet was that the pub didn’t serve the beer as cold as she liked it. But she was learning to tolerate it.

“I like a woman who can polish off her ale.” Naill laughed as he pulled a chair up and sat close to Leta. Too close, really. His thigh pressed against hers, unnerving her.

At a loss what to do, Leta sat as still as she could with the exception of moving her leg slightly to try to give herself some space from him.

The moment she did, his moved as well. Was he actually trying to be sure they remained in contact? She could scarce believe it.

But her disbelief changed to belief one moment later when Naill slung his arm around the back of her chair and settled it around her.

She looked into his eyes with a question on her lips.

He shook his head. “Just let us be.”

Glancing over at Mairi with indecision, she was surprised to see the older woman staring across the pub at a gorgeous blonde girl who appeared a little younger than Leta.

“Who’s that?” Leta asked Naill.

“Remember when I told you I was avoiding someone at the bonfire?”


“That’s her. Coira. Lord, save me.”

Now it was clear. He was pretending to be with her in order to throw off the woman he didn’t want to be with.

Leta actually relaxed now that she knew that he was using her to protect himself from an unwanted advance. This made perfect sense to her.


  1. I’m hoping his plan works. It would be interesting to see what happens if she does approach them.

    • Thanks Karen!

  2. Love the Scottish pub scene and that he is trying to avoid the woman who entered. Methinks there is more good stuff to come!

    • Ah, yes, me lassie, there is good stuff to come. 😉

  3. Nice scene! Well done.

    • Thanks Joselyn

  4. I’m hoping his fending off the unwanted girl will turn into something with Leta. Enjoying this story and this snippet intrigued me.

    • Thanks Jean, that makes me happy!

  5. Such a lovely scene!

    • Thanks Vicki!

  6. Ah ha! Methinks that his ruse isn’t all he makes it out to be.

    • LOL! I think you may be right. LOL

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