Posted by: Author | May 23, 2016

Tuesday Tales- May 24, 2016-Purple

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is Purple. I’m still working on the Scotland story (which has been accepted by Solstice Publishing and will be out on June 21). We join the hero and heroine behind the pub. I have a picture at the bottom of the color of heather when it’s not purple. This photo was taken in the month of October.

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“Let’s go outside.” Naill didn’t hesitate or wait for her to answer. He opened the door and led her out in the cool air. Funny how June in Scotland could still bring pretty cold temperatures. It was almost heaven to a Florida girl like her.

Leta had come in the front door that faced the high street. This back area was a bit creepy. Dark, with no streetlights and a big bin for the trash looming over the walkway made her think of a horror movie. She hoped no madman with an axe waited at the other end.

“Come with me. I want to show you something.” Naill kept his hold on her hand and walked her past the sinister garbage container and an open area behind the strip of business.

When they were in the clear, he pointed outward. “I hope you’ll still be here when that whole field blooms in August.”

“What is it? It’s pretty in the moonlight and I’ve seen it all over but I’m not sure what the brown plants are.”

“It’s heather. In the late summer, it turns purple and is a sight everyone should see.”

“So, it’s brown and partly green the rest of the year? I’ve seen pictures of heather but I figured it wasn’t in this area of Scotland since I haven’t seen any purple plants.” She turned and looked up at him. “I thought the brown was pretty.”

He laughed. “If you’re that easy to please, we should get along well.”



  1. Wonderful scene! I like how he talks about the heather, and I hope she’s there with him to see it when it turns all purple.

    • Thanks Flossie. Me too. 😀


  2. I love the description of the plants. Can’t wait to see the flowers turn purple. Also a very lovely scene between the two of them.

    • thanks Karen. Heather is gorgeous all year long!

  3. Wonderful descriptors on this weeks snippet. Well done!

    • thanks Vicki! I’m glad you liked it.

  4. What a sweet little scene! Love their interaction.

    • thanks Sarah!

  5. Great banter! Love the Scotland setting, too, and I learned something about heather.

    • Thanks Jean. Yeah, I was as surprised as my heroine at the heather. I asked someone what it was when I was over there. LOL

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