Posted by: Author | June 20, 2016

Tuesday Tales- June 21, 2016- Toes

This week’s word prompt is toes. I am still working on my reunion story and this scene finds us with the heroine and hero after they’d had an intense conversation that was interrupted by his former wife. The heroine is off to tell her best friend she’s had enough and is going home.

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Walking down the hallway toward the End of the Alley Bar, Renee glanced side to side as there seemed to be a lot of people out in the corridor. She wanted to find Margie so she could tell her she was going home and not to worry.

Her toes hurt and she needed to get her stupid shoes off but first, she needed to take care of Margie.

Renee opened the door to the bar. Stepping inside, she peered around. Margie was on the dance floor with a group of women dancing to Lucky Love by Ace of Base. They were having a grand time and Renee realized her friend hadn’t even missed her.

She was good with that. More than ready to go home and got close enough to the dance floor to catch Margie’s eye. Pointing to her watch and then her feet, she jerked her head and thumb toward the door.

Margie nodded and Renee left.

Duncan and Jennifer were gone by the time she went past the fire truck which was perfect since she would’ve had to go right past them to get to her car.

Except Duncan wasn’t gone. She spied him leaning on the end of the brick wall across the street leading to the parking lot.

“Didn’t you know it’s illegal to loiter out here? I’m surprised a bouncer hasn’t come over and gotten on to you.” Renee smiled but darted her gaze from side to side in case Jennifer was lurking.

“One has come over but I told him I was waiting for my date to come out. He gave me five more minutes so I’m glad you came back out.”

“Your date?”

“What else was I going to say? I’m waiting for a woman I haven’t seen in twenty years? The guy would’ve sent me away for sure.”


  1. Love that last line. It has hooked me for sure. Now I need to know what’s going to happen next and have to wait a whole week! Rats! Great scene.

    • thanks Jean!

  2. Great snippet. You’ve grabbed my attention. Well done.

    • thanks Susanne

  3. I can’t wait until I see what happens between Renee and Duncan. He waited for her. Swoon!!

    • Thanks Tricia! 🙂 He’s awesome!

  4. What a great last line!

    • Thanks!

  5. Great scene! I’m hooked and wanting more.

  6. The last line was cute!

    • thanks!

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