Posted by: Author | July 4, 2016

Tuesday Tales- July 5, 2016- Necklace

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is necklace. This is still the reunion story I’ve been working on. Be sure to check out the other tales here. 

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After grabbing some chicken sandwiches to go at Chick-fil-A and eating them on the way across the bridge into Pensacola, Duncan drove to the venue of the dinner and dance. It was held at the Naval Air Station Mustin Beach Officers Club which was where the senior prom had been. Renee braced herself at the doors before entering. If things had panned out twenty years ago, she would have been at this very door with a corsage on her wrist and this man beside her in a tuxedo.

She let out a little sound.

“What is it?” Duncan looked down at her.

“I’m underdressed. Why didn’t I take a minute to put on something better than this before we left the house?” She nervously ran the charm on her necklace along the chain.

“You’re beautiful no matter what you have on.”

“Thanks but you weren’t ever a teenage girl.”

“And I thank God every day for that.” He grinned. “Really, I do. Every morning, I get up and as I have my morning devotional, I say, “Thank you, Lord that I was never a teenage girl.”

“You shouldn’t be so flip. Being a priest and all that.” Renee couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh, but see, I have such a wonderful relationship with God that he expects no less from me. He wants me to be myself.”

She shook her head. “Let’s go in. And hope Stephanie Wooton isn’t in there.”


“That’s the first person who’ll look her nose down at me for being in this casual sundress.”

“Who cares? She has no idea what happened to your fancy dress and it’s none of her business anyway.” Duncan opened the door and allowed Renee to enter ahead of him.


  1. What a lovely excerpt!

    • Thanks Vicki!

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