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Tuesday Tales – August 2, 2016-Fly

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is Fly. We’re still in my murder mystery called Overkill. This part is just after the heroine and her partner have come to search the home of a man who they think has the gun that killed their victim. They entered the house with a warrant and were stunned by what they found.  Warning: This tale took a gruesome turn. Totally unforeseen by the author. 🙂

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Maggie addressed the officer, “Take him to the station and put him in a holding cell. We’ll be there when we can get away from here.”

When they were gone, Maggie bent over at the waist and placed her hands on her knees. She took in a number of deep breaths. Finally in a place where she could think straight and process what she’d seen in that bedroom, she stood erect. “What did we just happen upon? I confess, I thought this guy was some kind of attention seeker with a minor record and now this?”

“It was pretty gruesome. I’ve heard of serial killers keeping souvenirs but actual body parts? Like ears and toes?” Jacob shuddered. “Did I really see nipples? Tell me those were not nipples on that bulletin board.”

She shook her head at the memory. “Sorry, I don’t think I can.”

“What kind of nut job does that and then calls us to taunt us about another crime? It makes no sense. He’s obviously gotten away with a lot of murders. Why bring attention to himself now?”

“I’m not a psychologist but he did seem to be a narcissist—and I only really know about those from my studies and the fact that I believe Drusilla was one—and narcissists like attention. Maybe he wasn’t getting any and thought he was too smart to get caught. He clearly thought he was smarter than both of us.”

“He’s been smart for a long time judging by the number of body part in that room. It looked like a charnel house.”

“Do you think he’ll plead insanity?” Jacob rubbed his chin. His five o’clock shadow rasped as his palm ran over it.

“I definitely think he’s crazy—he’d have to be—but I hope the plea won’t fly. He needs to go down and hard.”

“Any thoughts about how Linus ties in to Drusilla’s murder?” Jacob sat in the lawn chair vacated by Linus.

“I’m thinking they don’t tie in but I won’t rule anything out yet. It seems weird that he’d show his hand in response to this case. Maybe we need to pay a visit to the department psychologist to see if she can give us any insight.”

“Good idea. I’ll call her now.”


  1. Yes that was a weired turn, but a good one. You opened the plot wide open. Good job.

    • Thanks Karen. It did take off from there. 🙂

  2. Oh well done! I’m looking forward to more.

    • Thanks Vicki!

  3. Great job. looking forward to seeing how they finally take this guy down.

    • Thanks Susanne.

  4. Wow, I love how you’re pushing the edge on this story. The dialogue is superb as always.

    • thanks Flossie. I’m pushing my own edge for sure. LOL. But I’m having fun with it.

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