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Tuesday Tales- August 9. 2016- Catch

This week’s word prompt for Tuesday Tales is catch. I’m still working on my story called Overkill. We’ve just found out that who killed the heroine’s partner’s wife two years prior. They happened upon this person as they investigated their latest case. Their captain took them off the interrogation due to the conflict at this point.

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Captain Bone waved them in. “Glad to see you two back from dinner. I want you to go home now and get some rest before picking up on the Isaacs murder tomorrow. I have to take you off Linus Anthony since we now suspect him of being complicit in Debra’s murder.”

“I know. Angela told us.” Jacob’s eyes filled with unshed tears. “It’s good that we have a lead now in catching her murderer but I feel like someone had placed some duct tape on my eyebrows and ripped it off all at once making me lose all my brow-hair. It hurts like a open, festering sore now.” He ran a hand over his face. “Like it’s fresh and new all over again.”

“All the more reason to go home then. Take one of those nighttime sleep aids and rest,” the captain said.

Jacob nodded. “I will. Sounds like a good way to try to forget… at least for tonight.”

“You go on, too, Maggie. Tomorrow is soon enough. We’ll handle the interrogation of Anthony tonight.”

“Be sure you have whoever is doing it keep him up all night with no food and little to drink.” Maggie knew they’d have to feed the man something but they would hold off for a while. It was a basic interrogation tactic. Get them tired, hungry and thirsty and then have the person playing good cop offer to get some things to make the prisoner comfortable. It helped build trust.

“He’ll get dinner, Detective.” Captain Bone looked at her watch. “In about three hours.”

“Who’s in there with him?” Maggie asked.

“Jeffery Stutsman and Joy Winslow.”

“Super. They’ll do great. Jeff is an old pro and Joy is coming along nicely in her interrogation skills. I sat in on one with her last week.” Maggie smiled at the memory of just how great Joy was at playing bad cop. She’d nailed that guy in her interrogation. Maggie also knew Jeff would be perfect for whatever game of cat and mouse Linus Anthony might try to play. Jeff was brilliant and would hold his own with that nut job.

“Make sure your partner gets home safely before you head home yourself,” Captain Bone said.

Maggie nodded before following her partner down the hall. She didn’t need to tell the captain that her partner wouldn’t be returning to his own home that evening. He was staying at her place as long as he needed to.


  1. That last line hints at an interesting turn of events. Well done.

    • thanks Susanne. I like to leave it interesting. LOL

  2. Oooo, that was quite the last line. Well done!

    • thanks Vicki!

  3. Nice scene building. You’ve put me right in the location and I feel like I can see the characters.

    • thanks Jean! That makes me happy

  4. Good for Maggie, and I love the duct tape reference!

    • thanks. Don’t you know that tape would be awful? Ouch.

  5. Ooh…creepy! I love her tactic to get something out of him!

    • thanks!

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