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Tuesday Tales- August 16, 2016- Gray

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is Gray. Each week a group of us use a word prompt in our current WIPs and share a small snippet. I’m still working on my book Overkill. Our detective has returned to the crime scene with a CSI for an additional search.

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“How about this? Our secretary with the vial of white powder has a boyfriend who came by and either kissed her into oblivion or even better, had sex with her on the floor here or the conference room desk.” James quirked his eyebrows.

“Did we test for semen on those surfaces?” Maggie tilted her head and opened her eyes wide.

“Yeah, right. That’s a standard thing to do in murders in an office setting.”

“If you’re right, sounds like something that needs to be put in the manual. Do you have the equipment or do you need to call for a van?”

“I’m calling now.” He pulled out his phone and scrolled down to the contact number. “You may as well go visit your little lady while I’m doing this. Be sure to get her to wrap me a piece of cake, okay?”

“Sure. I think she wanted to flirt with the handsome CSI but she’ll have to be happy with me.” Maggie grinned. “Let me know if you come up with any other theories. You’re pretty good at that.”

She walked out to the sound of his laughter and strolled across the street toward Hattie’s house.

Before she got to the porch, the woman was on it with her gray cat in her arms. “Where’s your man friend?”

“He’s a coworker and is tied up right now. He said to tell you to save him some cake.”

“Tied up? Lord girl, you got that cute boy tied up and you ain’t over there making a move on him? What’s wrong with your generation?”

“You sure you aren’t a comedian at one of the clubs? You’re making me laugh.” Maggie reached out and ran a hand over Mordecai’s back.

“You gotta admit, he is a nice looking young man.”

“He is at that, Miss Hattie. I’m just not looking for that kind of thing right now.”

“Nonsense. But if you’re determined not to find a man, come on in and let me fatten you up with some good food.” Hattie opened her screen door and led the way in.


  1. Love the dialogue! Great job.

  2. Yeah, right. She’s not looking for that kind of thing right now — maybe not looking, but perhaps found anyway? I love the last line. You can fatten me up with food anytime! Great excerpt!

    • thanks Jean. I appreciate it. I love these characters.

  3. Wonderful excerpt!

    • thanks Vicki!

  4. Great job on that dialogue and description.

    • thanks Flossie!

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