Posted by: Author | September 19, 2016

Tuesday Tales- Sept 20, 2016- Call

This week, the word prompt for Tuesday Tales is call. We’re still in my story called Overkill. This is part of a scene where the heroine and her partner are questioning a suspect. check out the other tales here.


Not taking the bait, Maggie said, “It really doesn’t matter if you help us or not. We’ll still figure out what happened to Drusilla.” She was taking a chance but if he really was a classic narcissist as Doctor McDaniel said, he wouldn’t be able to resist taunting them with what he knew. After all, he ended up in their custody in the first place because he couldn’t stop himself from calling them.

“You’ll never finesse it. It’s really kind of a beautiful thing that happened to her. Well-deserved, I must say.” Another sly grin passed over Linus’ face. “Never seen a woman so young, yet hated by so many.”

“Let’s get back to your actual dealings with her, can we?” Jacob asked.

“Sure. You’re lead man on this. What do you want to know?” The chains on Linus’ cuffs rattled against the edge of the table.

“How did you meet her and when?” Jacob had his pen and pad out.

“I needed an accountant. Some dude I know told me to call her.”

“Who was that?” Jacob asked.

“Don’t remember, man. I just remember being at a party and asking around. Some dude said to go to her.”

“Because she was a good accountant?” Jacob continued and Maggie decided to let him take the lead while she watched for reactions on the prisoner’s face.

Linus let out a laugh. “Oh, hell no. That wasn’t it at all.”

“Then what did this guy tell you about her that led you to her office?”

“That she had large breasts and she liked to show them off. What man could resist that?” Linus snickered. “Pretty good marketing plan, don’t you think? You know, ‘come let me do your taxes and I’ll give you a peek at my goodies.’”

Maggie couldn’t let that pass by. She’d long wondered about Drusilla and her too-tight clothes. “And did she actually do that? Pull them out and show to you?”

“Why, dearie? Do you want to show me yours and let me tell you they are better than hers?” He eyeballed Maggie’s chest. “You look a bit puny compared to her but those big ones begin to sag too soon.” Shaking his head, he added, “Alas, poor Drusilla’s won’t be around long enough to sag any more than they’d already done.”

She knew she shouldn’t have responded to him. Good grief. He was completely insane.





  1. What an unsettling man!

    • yep, sociopath, narcissist, and serial killer

  2. Wow! A scary whacko! Yes, a sociopath, perhaps? Frightening, too. Great dialogue — almost too realistic.

    • Thanks Jean. Sadly, I have met people like this guy. They are very scary.

  3. Excellent excerpt. Since I often write books with sickos like that in them, this guy is beautifully done. Great job. His ickiness sent me to the shower.

    • LOL! You made me smile about the shower. AND I’m glad you think I did him well. 🙂

  4. Great snippet. I think you can write any genre you choose to. Well done!

    • thanks Trisha!

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