Posted by: Author | September 26, 2016

Tuesday Tales- Sept 27, 2016- Picture Prompt

This week is a picture prompt and we’re limited to 300 words. I picked the bed picture but other Tuesday Tale-rs may have chosen a different one. Be sure to check them all out here.

I’m still in the murder mystery book that I’ve kind of been ignoring since my regency set book is clamoring for attention. I have 42,ooo words in this one so I plan to get it done but right now, those pesky Napoleonic spies are bugging me to finish their tale.

Jacob stepped on the porch, followed by John. “Ready to go, Mags? We still have a couple of things to take care of before we can call it a night.”

She stood. “Yeah. We do.”

When they were on the grass, Maggie waved. “We’ll see you soon. Be safe and stay inside. Don’t be going over to the crime scene. It seems to be a hot bed of activity so I’d prefer you keep away.”

“We’ll try, Maggie, but you know how Hattie can be. I’ll keep an eye on her,” John said.

“Thanks again for dinner,” Jacob said.

They headed back to the station. Jacob whistled under his breath.

Maggie hadn’t heard him whistle since his wife died. It was odd to have him do so now especially since they’d just found her murderer.

“You’re in a good mood,” Maggie said.

“It’s amazing what good food and good company will do for you.” He placed a hand on hers where it lay on the seat. “And a good night’s sleep. First in a very long time.”

Glad it was dark in the car, Maggie ducked her head as the heat suffused her cheeks. That good night’s sleep he spoke of was in her bed spooned against her back.




  1. Love it. Great image at the end.

  2. I hope he returns this unrequited love it sounds like she has. I’m intrigued with what happens next

  3. Great imagery at the end!

  4. Intriguing and sexy at the same time. Is he a good guy or a bad one? Hoping for good.

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