Posted by: Author | November 21, 2016

Tuesday Tales- November 22, 2016- Bread

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is bread. I’m less than 2000 words from the “win” of NaNoWriMo with my regency story. In this scene, the hero has gone to visit his father in disguise and is almost discovered by his bratty younger half-brother.

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The sound of labored breathing alerted Jemison that his father was asleep. He whispered to Reeves, “Which way out?”

“Back down the servants’ staircase and then out the side door. Let me see if the corridor is clear.”

Jemison held his breath until the butler returned and indicated he should follow.

Making their way to the stairs, Jemison prayed his half-brother was either in his nursery having his bread and milk or, if he was allowed to dine with his mother, that he’d stay put while Jemison made his escape.

Making it down the stairs without seeing anyone, Jemison allowed himself a moment to exhale and relax.

“I tell you, you lazy footman, I will do as I please and you shall not stop me.” The whiny voice of William preceded him toward the corridor in the servant’s area.

Jemison lunged for the door and jerked it open. He stepped outside and jogged as quickly as he could without causing too much attention to himself.

This was the closest he’d come to being discovered. Twice in one visit. By the same person. He’d have to be more careful and only call at the house when the young man wasn’t home. Which, unfortunately wasn’t often.

As he made his way back to the stables, his heart ached. How he wished things were different.

Avoiding scandal was vital or he’d report his stepmother to the closest magistrate. But it would kill his father faster.



  1. Things are moving nicely. Great work. Love the continued air of mystery.

    • Thanks Susanne. Glad the mystery is still floating!

  2. What a great snippet!

    • thanks Vicki!

  3. Great suspense created in this short piece. Am so enjoying this story!

  4. Great writing Jillian. You’ve got any genre you tackle.

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