Posted by: Author | December 12, 2016

Tuesday Tales- Dec 13, 2016 – Bar

This week’s word is Bar for Tuesday Tales. You know the drill- there’s a group of us writers who write to a word prompt each week. I’m still in the Christmas story I’ve been working on.  The hero is torn between two women in this snippet- the girl he’s been dating who has flipped out on him and the girl he’s been friends with since childhood.

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“We sure did and now I think we should check out the cookies. I’ve heard there are some pretty special ones to be had.”

Dana led the way to the other side of the room. He followed and admired the way her hips swayed as she walked. She seemed to have a different gait without the tool and gun belt she wore with her uniform.

He chose a couple of iced Santa head cookies from the bar full of all sorts of sweets and moved to watch the crowd as he munched on them. The band played Christmas songs he knew and remembered from childhood as well as some updated versions. He supposed he should ask Dana to dance but he didn’t want a scene with Carolyn.

When the thought of Carolyn popped in his head, he glanced around to see if he could spot her.

To his surprise, she was standing close and appeared to be arguing with some elderly woman. What was this about? Had she already been here long enough to make an enemy and if so, how?

Colin took a step toward them to see if he could help straighten out whatever was happening.

As he reached her side, the old woman said, “You can’t lie to me, Dearie. You look exactly like your mother. You must be old Henry Thornton’s daughter. You were young when you disappeared but I’d know you anywhere. Your mother was a beauty. I recall your daddy making her stay up there on his property because he was so afraid someone would steal her from him.” The old woman laughed, a bitter, ugly laugh. “She fooled him, though, didn’t she? Ran off in the middle of the night, didn’t she? Hustling her kids with her.”

Carolyn’s face reddened. She opened her mouth to say something but Colin took hold of her arm. “Come on, let’s go.”

She stared at him for a moment as if she didn’t recognize him but finally, she seemed to realize he was trying to help her. “Thanks. Yes, get me out of here. I should’ve known better than to come.”

Puzzled by Carolyn’s words, Colin decided to ask her about them later—once he got her out of the hall and somewhere quiet.



  1. Wow! I’m intrigued. Can’t wait to learn more.

  2. Ooh, I am caught up in this interesting turn of events. Well crafted. Tell us more please.

  3. Wow, I am all sorts of intrigued!

  4. Great snippet! I want to know more. I love how you worked in the word prompt.

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