Posted by: Author | March 29, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

IMG_3773 (2)


  1. Beautiful! I had rescued “Easter lilies” from church at the ends their lives. They reverted back to yellow and spread. Then they suddenly disappeared.It was about the time we gained a major mole infestation. I believe the bulbs were eaten.
    I was chatting through Messenger with a friend who moved to Pensecola last Summer. She sent pix.Spring has really sprung there, hasn’t it ?

    • oh yeah, we’ve had spring all winter, pretty much. Sorry you lilies got devoured.

  2. Gorgeous! These are my daughter’s favorite flower. Not good for bringing inside the house with all the pollen, I think, but absolutely gorgeous in the yard.

    • agree re: pollen and keeping the beauty outside. 🙂

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