Posted by: Author | May 20, 2017

Tuesday Tales Bookstore

We’re trying something new this week on Saturday. Each of the authors will be highlighting one of their books that came from a Tuesday Tales prompt. Since it’s Memorial Day weekend and we’ll be coming up on the summer solstice soon, I’ve chosen to post the link to this one set in Scotland on the solstice itself.

It’s called Dreamily Ever After. Link


The heroine is in Scotland nursing a broken heart and at the summer solstice celebration, she performs a fire ritual to help her find a man who accepts her as she is. She dreams of that man that very night and the next day, he appears in her yard.

dreamily ever after-001 (2)


  1. I’ve missed this one. It must have been before I was in TT. Sounds fascinating, I’m off to go check it out!

  2. I look forward to reading this one! The setting and ritual sound enticing.

    • thanks Flossie

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